Liza Iza vegan a dedication of her lovely work for the animal earthlings

Liza Iza Vegan
a caring thoughtful soul
with courage and commitment
she steps up, to any role
involving, showing people
what other people do
to our animal earthling family
and Liza I love you too

the cats
those poor dear creatures
lost in laboratories
experimented viciously
I go weak at my knees
imagining the folly
of white coats wondering why
the need they find to torture
and in their beds then lie
how can they sleep
I doubt they can
those faces haunt the soul
Liza iza vegan
but you take on the role
to educate and clarify
to love those earthlings who
suffer in great silence
not knowing what to do

5 comments on “Liza Iza vegan a dedication of her lovely work for the animal earthlings

  1. liza Isa Vegan on said:

    tears………………….no words…………..just tears…………………til my last breath rex on that you have my word…………God bless.

    • Rex Tyler on said:

      Dear Liza

      I truly believe that what you do is wonderful and people have to tell people what they think
      and you deserve it. I happen to write poetry and do public speaking that’s my way
      your way is your
      way and it is brilliant and I just happen to have seen that cat posting and was inspired by you

      its a great pleasure to know you

    • Rex Tyler on said:


  2. Rose on said:

    Liza’s passion for animals is awesome that cannot be denied. However I don’t understand why that compassion isn’t extended towards to own species as well. Particularly homosexuals.

    People who are gay are born that way. Same way as animals are just born, and people with disabilities. Yet the comments she has said regarding homosexuals is nothing short of disturbing. I had a lot of respect for this lady until the comments and abuse that have been taken from her have been noticed.



  3. Liza is ‘caring and thoughtful’

    Unless you happen to be gay then she’ll compare to a peadophile and refer to you as a freak.

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