Horns and the pre determined myths

Aljazeera comes out with
a telling film
“The Last Rhino”
a, bloody affair
Vietnam and China now
dupe their
richer citizens
and clearly really
into Eastern remedies
but myths make
this horn’s value
more than gold
souls from Mozambique
now poach in Kruger
and it without more ado
its quickly sold
promising them 2 years wages
in one night
chain saw butchers
slaughter the defenceless
there’s no fight
darted from the air
helicopters come
but many turn their head away
they know it
they stay dumb
the Government’s complicit
and politicians to
implicated in this trail of evil
thats a view
annihilating Rhino’s
This prehistoric beast
older than the men
who come
and so savagely at least
they hack and saw the keratin
and, its soon shipped on its way
there’s established routes in place
for it happens every day

and this vile trade is increasing
and slaughtering is immense
essentially the keratin
really makes no sense
it will not cure diseases
its equivalent to our nails
and quite a few young Africans
are labouring in jails
poachers and the army employed
to try to stop
are being killed, a lot of them
have are now facing the chop
and so what is the answer
one farmer thinks he knows
he farms, the wild Rhino
and stock piles their horn
he knows
the price is creeping higher
and no doubt his speculation
will provide him with a fortune
and he feels improves the situation
he feels it should be legal
to farm the Rhino, and
sell the horn and save a soul
but I don’t understand

its just all about money
and being duped, that’s all
and the Rhino is a victim
and the system does appal
the wild one’s are now critical
for every single day
the poachers come and slaughter
and many get away
despite the several killings
despite the DNA
despite the army on the case
money proves the way
palms are greased
and those on high
cannot see the wheat
too busy sorting through the chaff
and feeling quite replete
Governments around the world
must ban the use today
of animals parts of any kind
in medicines, and say
anyone caught selling animal parts
will face the wrath
and if convicted the death sentence
for me this is the path

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