Giving inappropriate names to animals

Humans giving dogs
names like “Pariah”
(a human outcast)
that just says it all
and leaves it all its life
tied up outside
8 years of strife
its ribs, oh! dear they clearly are on view
its gait unsteady
this little mite is clearly
in some pain
Warren Country Sheriff
should be out there,
pretty fast
not letting
it go back there er’e again

whoever seems to own
it should be ready
take their coat
and spend a night away
this dog has clearly
not been fed for ages
and if this goes on much
may pass away

*On Facebook today please lets try and help
if we live nearby*

I understand that the sheriffs office was inundated with enquiries and the little fellow is now safe and being looked after that’s the power of words thanks Face Book we couldn’t do it without you

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