Asafa The Holiday Inn Melaka’s guitarist

Asafa sits with guitar
on his knee
playing all manner of songs
I could see
he plays with such feeling
and understands more
any song, any piece
any tune any score
he just plays by ear
at the wink of an eye
with Aida beside him
he is a great guy
in the Sirocco Lounge of the Holiday Inn
in Melaka Malaysia
that’s where you’ll win
out if you go for the melodies roll
and that’s why I mention this real
lovely soul

2 comments on “Asafa The Holiday Inn Melaka’s guitarist

  1. Aida Hassim on said:

    Hi my dearest friend..
    Its been a while since we last spoke .. for the 1st 2 weeks the lounge seems different without YOU sitting at the same spot every nite .. And every time i sing I WONT GIVE UP… i hv tears in my eyes …

    We might not know each other for very long but the friendship we built will never end. Pls do keep in touch with us ok?..

    Miss u Mr. Rex … hope u come again next year coz i will be there till the end .. Happy New Year !!

    • Rex Tyler on said:

      Aida and Asafa you were indeed lovely friends, real sweethearts and its sad for me too not to see you both
      Aida tears oh dear but then I post for you and tell everyone going that way to go and see Aida and listen to her
      she is so special, you both are I will come back I promise. Aida thanks for being so lovely and remembering me
      when there are so many people you must see and talk to, thankyou

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