Monthly Archives: November 2012

Aida and Asafa

Aida and Asafa 2 most dedicated and talented musicians working in an area distracted by a sport facility that is so testing for viewers Continue reading

Back Home and no change

any excuse seems better than admitting the truth these days Continue reading

My latest girl friend Miss Pain

beaten blue but our love is true Continue reading

Leave the sea alone Malaysia

Leave the sea alone man can never put back what he destroyed Continue reading

The Limit for me (Aida at the Holiday Inn tonight)

I leave the Hotel feeling very sad this time a long stay brought me into understanding just how wrong some things are within the hotel and the way the singer is treated for me I hated, I am afraid no respect at all for someone as kind and as talented as she Continue reading


Hachiko lets hope we have a better end Continue reading

Orangutans (what this 2000 years the so called experts are talking about)

Orangutans and the rainforest its just a matter of time
from article in the Star 24th November 2012 Continue reading

Mr Fox Lets not deny him the right of passage

Lets make sure Mr Fox survives and the Huntsman are seen for what they are Continue reading

I am one of the victims

Voiceless to those of us unhearing Continue reading

Experimentation there is never a reason to do this

Vivisection and animal experiments are on the increase we as sentient souls are putting our sensitivity at risk by allowing this behaviour to continue we can stop it we can stop it Continue reading