Lawrence Alma-Tadema

Lawrence Alma-Tadema
hailed from Holland
but settled here in
England, and became
an excellent draughtsmen
and a top notch painter
when his father died he was
4 years old some claim
in fact his mother
thought that
drawing would be useful
for all the children
so it turned out to be
but they wanted Lawrence to become
a lawyer
but he just went and painted beautifully

in 1851 when he was only 15 years
he got some consumptive illness
and of course his mother’s tears
who encouraged him to paint and
just imagined soon
he’d die but he enjoyed life so
that he banished those sick fears
and in fact became a painter really of repute
he really painted beautifully
as his painting seemed to suit
many many artists loved his work
he inspired, John William Waterhouse
I hear
he truthfully was fired up it was stunning
which brought its share of satisfaction and
he died in fact in Germany at 76
I hear
he certainly painted very well
and as a man was thought sincere

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