Norways Involvement in supporting Palm oil Forests

Some cut off their noses
to spite their face
its 2 fingers to you
and to, the human race
the lungs of the planet
the air quality
is now up for grabs
as they destroy each tree

the rainforest trees
offer really so much
the indigenous know this
for they kept in touch
with Nature, they knew
the great value there
more than just timber
and future despair

for the Apes for the Elephants
Tigers, Tapirs all of God’s
whose ongoing fears
of lost habitats and the oil palm
employing those brigands
who clearly have strayed

out of their area of
true desire
and killed the Orangutan
and who set fire
to the litter
the whole shooting match
one fire storm
really in Malaysia now
its the norm

And it does see off
insects,mammals birds
reptiles,they all die
I am lost for words
thousands of creatures
with many life styles
disturbed and destroyed
it does it so riles

corporate blood money
consumers ignore
To Norways prime minister
may I implore
I understand
Government hold shares in oil palm
so destruction of land
and ongoing real harm

Norway appears to be helping
the cause of
losing rainforests
perhaps they should pause
as the lungs of the planet
are collapsing and they
the Orangutan Nation
are having to pay

the Palm Oil men come
with that brutal desire
to poison those animals and to
set fire
its an ugly trade with a vile
sense of soul
yobs seem to think that they have

Corporate money goes into their banks
and extends the Plantations
with Corporate thanks
the forests are coming down
in clouds of dust
Death and destruction
dirt and disgust

danger demands derogation maybe
but the activists now know
whose bloody guilty

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