Arizona and the poor dogs

What sort of sick
sods are out there ?
and part of Humanity, they
pass themselves off
as sentient beings
but manifest total decay
its obvious taking on
monstrous maladies
let us believe that they are
doing it, because they enjoy it
setting light to them
to scar
perfectly innocent earthlings
who never hurt them
not at all
and given the treatment
this horrific treatment
Hell, must have once been
their school
many were found
scarred and suffering
fur burnt away
and their soul
exposed to the
dirt of the open
with pain no one
dared to control
Arizona just can’t
understand it
but all parts
have witnessed
this vile
behaviour so someone or some
groups are obviously doing it
and to defile
any soul,
really has got to be evil
sanity really can’t be
anywhere in the same thought
where this happens
and to just watch them
burn terribly

but clearly its happening
and more than once
all over the County
and so
they’ve set up a website
and hopefully
face book will identify
and will show
comments and photo’s
and gradually help
to piece, together
the facts
and until this mystery
really is solved
no one can start to relax

all sorts of ideas are
floating about
but really its unprecedented
in other countries
agencies have
done similar things
which cemented
Animal Rights Groups
and others besides
together, to try to find out
but up till this moment
nobody knows, what the hell
its all about

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