Whale Sharks trying to communicate

What goes on in the minds
of those who slaughter?
Do they imagine the slaughtered
want to die
Swimming in the vastness
of their ocean
or on the sea bed when their
tired just lie
Absorbing all the fascinating
that share the ocean with them
and just be
accepting every single soul
has it place big or small
truly into perpetuity
these creatures they are Earthlings
not unlike, you or I
we all live on this Planet share
what’s there
and die
our bodies might return to
sand or soil for that we be
creating undeniably our
sacred destiny

On India’s west coast
the fisherman
with stout hooks
nylon twine,and oil drums go
out into the ocean and undrneath that sun
they are rather hopeful don’t you know
looking for the tell tale fins
to surface
the Whales Shark, and what they
then will do
is stick their bloody gaff
into its body,
and as it tries
to get back in the blue
the empty oil cans being very
stop the wounded soul
from going down
and rapidly of course
its gets exhausted
and is dragged back
to where they really
go to town

its fins are hacked off
its then cut up in pieces
its liver is removed
to watch, its dire
they get about a dollar
for each kilo
nothing in the scheme
of things no higher
multiply that figure
by some 50 and that’s the price
Exporters as a rule
get they are the parasites
everybody compared
to them is a fool

grisly cargo
of course grisly corporate scum
ready to take advantage
of the fisherman
and make their killing
painful yes and some!

the liver is sliced up by
every fishermen
put in barrels
and left to melt away
in the hot sun it turns into
a thick oil
for waterproofing boats
yes come what may
a dollar for a litre
once again so very small
the fishermen just get the crumbs
the cake goes to the school
of rich, and rotten Banksters
that frequent the gutters, they
grovel in the blood and guts
that’s given them each day

The Whale Shark is a soul of
wondrous beauty
intelligent and sensitive
and they
are now being exploited
by poor fishermen
who probably feel,they are
lost souls anyway
they might feel
though I haven’t asked the question
that life for them
is sad from womb to tomb
they work their poor sad
arse’s off
morning day and night
and all they see is
the ensuing gloom

their lives tied up with
that poverty mentality
an aura inescapable for some
prisoners of circumstance
imagining they have no chance
shackled under someone else’s thumb

mental cripples useless
their brains have atrophied
the innocent intelligence
was there
ready to communicate
but the fishermen soon
their ignorance
and regrettably most
also don’t care

Human Earthlings
believe they are superior
the facts are they are
taken in by those
Dortard’s sitting behind desks
in offices somewhere
knocking back Dom Perignon
I suppose

a nice fat Cuban rolled
on sunlit lines, somewhere
death of course to China and Taiwan
Sharks Fin soup
its more like gloop
for sticking paper on a wall
chicken stock and msg
rich diners, they are on call
another bloody rung up
the great ladder
Society, now thinks its at a high
for all these crummy parasitic cretins
a most intelligent,and handsome soul did die
and all it ever wanted was to communicate
but the fishermen had one sentence to call
selfishness and ignorance a fore thought
and that alas, yes truthfully was all

About Rex Tyler

I love animals. I enjoy writing poetry and delivering speeches.I like to mentor people who need help in preparing speeches and evaluations.I enjoy travel although it is much harder for me these days.I so enjoyed the Andes Mountains and Volcanoes and the Quichua people who live and thrive there.I have lots of friends around the world.
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