The heartless cannot watch “Earthlings” the film

The heartless cannot watch
they cannot bear to be
responsible that may be so
but they just cannot break free
how can they be implicated
in what’s going on
all they do is eat dead flesh
and all that’s served upon
their plates
its what their parents did
its what they always do
its why their body odour is rank
as is their loo.

and they’re not about to stop now
just because, someone says they
should really be a vegan
on facebook no, no way
bloody flesh and marrow bones
and fat and gristle too
turn them on, they cook them up
and make them into stew
or sometimes add some gelatine
pork gristle hooves and bone
and slice a glorious aspic
that they have always known
as for cheese nice Cheddar
coagulated by
the lining of a baby calf
stomach they rely
your never going to change them
dead babies they eat too
suckling pig and baby lamb
with fresh mint sauce to woo
and at breakfast streaky bacon
from the sick gestation crate
the poor sow raped and knocked about
at an alarming rate
dreaming she could sprout wings
and fly off somewhere green
but instead she’s in the slaughterhouse
throat slit a virgin queen
raped by men with slimy arms
her babies stolen fast
tails docked teeth clipped
testicles pulled out
we stand aghast
wondering why they will not watch
they will not dare to see
that what they eat are tortured souls
who lived in misery.

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