The Death of an unknown lady

Covered in her own blood
her own sweet
precious blood
a cow whose faced
the wrath of man
lies dying in the flood
she is leaving purgatory
hopeful she will be
accepted and transported soon
to a place of harmony.

Mankind dealt the
vilest hand
to her, and yes her kind
brutalized their every hour
the blood and gore did grind
into the cows sweet conscience
and drives them half insane
raping and stealing their babies
and then raping them again

a female of a species
a mother so to say
the grief she had to overcome
the evil sordid way
The farmer did inject her
and keep her from the sun
did milk her till she became lame
and then dragged her, as
they have done
into the vilest vehicle
with other “downers” to
make the journey to the Death House
where her passing, was on view.

strung up
on a gantry
throat slit
she’s bleeding out
then dropped
into her own blood
that’s what
her death’s about
she the purest angel
has experienced Human Hell
she was looked after, by Devils
their souls sold
they did sell
its over, for those
who looked away
who refuse to realize
the sins of others
just delay
their passing
their enlightenment
for these crimes, are passed on
those who eat her
that’s karma through
and through.

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