The Dairy Cow’s lament might lead to your’s too

When food is big business
Watch yields follow suit
Take Milk from Dear Buttercup
Ain’t she a Beaut!
She was so happy
Her calf by her side
But she’s now a machine
Feeling empty inside

She use to give about
2 quarts every day
But now its reached
well over 20 they say
Some cows give 50
and that is a lot
More than she needs
For the calf in her pot

That is the problem
The Cow is our slave
She dies when she dries
And she dries when her grave
Alas she’s not buried
we eat
We kill her, our slave
and we then call her meat

Such a wonderful name
for our slave in the pen
Who gave us her body
which fed many men
But at least in Cow Heaven
She has the last
Laugh it would seem
For some will feel the blast

as their arteries harden
their hearts on the blink
fat in their kidneys
Yes, there’s a link
When Food is big business
Many lose sight
And some lose their life too
When the Time’s right

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