Tai Ji Japan not long to go now

Leaping for their lives
the brave young Dolphins
A Blood bath
a great soup
of guts and gore
These fishermen should rot in Hell
such agony
It must be stopped
now, and for ever more

Barbaric thats the
only word to call it
How men can sink so low
I dare not say
Thank Goodness that
Ric O Barry is truly on their case
And hopefully with help
can save the day

Futo witnesses
such massive slaughter
Herded into sea cages
and caught
Hung up and then loaded
onto trucks in pairs
Bleeding from their mouths
their children sought

Dolphins never ever
leave a wounded
and perish in
a blood lust we create
Such cruelty
there arn’t words to describe it
save to say
we haven’t long to wait

Just a tiny little village
and a killing spree
bashing pipes and
frightening the souls
driving them into the cove
from which they won’t return
sliced up in a frenzy
lacking all controls

Placed on them, they just
cut and kill them
Drowning in each others
blood, they die
Many hacked to death
in front of children
my only question really
Tell me why?

All countries kill their animals
and fishes
all countries on this earth
have reasons too
hang their heads in shame
for they’re murdering just the same
But Tai ji truly, can I swear to you

This is so obnoxious, even Satan
Must squat wherever he squats and feel bad
For Dolphins to be tricked in such a evil way
Leaves me feeling there’s nothing now as sad
They trust, they care, they feel, they love
their neighbour
And the Fishermen use that, that quality
To murder them in cold blood
its inhuman, its depraved its vile
its utter lunacy

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