Sea Shepherd on the Namibian case the seals may yet be saved

Sea Shepherd has dispatched
its teams of activists
Namibia prepare yourself
for woe
for shock and awe is coming
to Cape Cross at last
ATTA boy, the die it seems we know
Continually battering babies
using the poorly paid
is hardly being sentient
for each cold hearted raid
scenes of the mangled massacre
beamed all around the world
blood and guts the suckling pups
into deaths hole, hurled
their blood its all then covered up
each morning a JCB
turns the sand and we understand
it reverts to a sanctuary
and tourists come to photograph
the seals and babies too
but next morning
more are slaughtered
and that is what they do
Some Turkish guy
buys all the pelts on offer
He is based in Sydney,
in Australia oh! dear
that’s where they kill
the iconic Kangaroo
wild animals are getting short shrift
there I hear
Try and find a wild one
there, now will you
Fur its fur for women
of the world
women who can’t see
how they are used
by evil men
and countries
without consciences
whose wild life
is so readily abused
anyone who talks
about these murders
is termed
an enemy of the state
OH! dear
its all about fish stocks
and of course
that then unlocks
more lies,
so to me its all damned clear
O.R.C.A. are now resident
in Namibia
a unit of Sea Angels,
let us say
people call them pirates
they are never pirates
they are angels under cover,
and they pay
respects to wild life
at each dire location
and seals are getting,
real adversity
Namibia is spending
God knows how much
on maintaining a degree
of security
I mean to say the costs
of this must
far out weigh
the profit
and the all bloody karma
that’s involved
even deploying a naval ship
that costs
some dough ray me,
and until the killing stops
its not resolved
The seals are clearly vulnerable
For 30 % do die
so killing 90,000, tiny babies
it don’t take rocket science
to apply
soon extinction will be,
a reality
forced by those who murder,
Fnd who feel
the price is till worth paying
for everyone they’re slaying
means more fish for Namibians
and that’s real
then the 6000 bulls shot
for their penis
dried and shipped across
to the far East
so that their old men
don’t need the little blue pills
for they just eat the penis
of some beast
Fish stocks its got now’t to do
with seals my friends
and it is about time
that Cape Cross
was policed

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