I am a baby and You want me for your CIRCUS

The breaking in of Elephants
for Circus
little babes
its dreadful to be sure
how grown up human beings
can be paid to violate
the sanctity of Infants
and what’s more.

The bull hook
such a vile and sickly instrument
no animals should be subjected to
its torturous and infamous conclusion
such intense pain it wields
and clearly you
the circus waller who believes
that due control is in your hands
then you had better see
and alter any plans
you had to remonstrate with us
using it to get
your way with us, remember
chum your building such a debt
that’s unwarranted and unwanted,
and one day we’ll collect
if we wanted to and smash
your heads
on concrete that’s been set

the time has come when all wild creatures
are not prepared to sit
back and take whatever you throw
at us, a bit
of pain is coming back to you
to remind you what its like
and we shall not do your circus tricks
I suppose we’ll go on strike
Until the circus closes
for very few now are
anything but worthless
there just not up to par

to the concrete instantly
but we choose to take the pain
and bear the malice
we remember ever unkindness
we feel
and once day when the sun
just might be shining
we will retaliate
and listen to his squeal.

Humans had best realize
that elephants in the wild
are sick and tired of hearing
how the captured tribe are riled
by the terrible behaviour
inflicted on the cows
and a message has gone out
that they are now to use
their powers
if Circus bods use bull hooks
then we must use our weight
and pin them to the wall
or throw them through a gate

we are so very sensitive
and every wound we get
we feel the pain
it drives us insane
and so we will not let
Circus people harm us
No not any more
if they hit us with iron bars
they will understand us more
when we crush them back
when we pick them up and throw
in the air
we’re not prepared to sit back
and be beaten, its not fair

Circus is for men whose tears
are covered up by masks
who dress up in clown costume
and in the spot light basks
those clowns are often sad souls
and that is why they try
to clothe themselves in happiness
and watch the world pass by
The dwarfs and freaks of Nature
they are oft our friends
but the trainers they are
awful their ugly and it sends
terrible vibrations to us
and to those who try
and stop the abject cruelty
that makes all earthlings cry.

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