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Thoughts v Instinct

Primates have it all upstairs Continue reading

The Dairy Cow’s lament might lead to your’s too

The milk of human kindness may be the death of you rather quicker than you imagined Continue reading


The National Health was the Nations wealth but now its the Nations drain for the pharmaceutical giants its all been one big game Continue reading

A tortured sage

As rugged as the day is long listen to the Andean song and walk the great volcanic path to heaven Continue reading

Belo Monte whose prayers will be answered

Belo Monte everyone’s waiting the outcome so much is at stake Continue reading

Stephen Watson

Captain Watson’s brother’s picture of the Dolphins a little poem based around that his creation. Continue reading

Whose going to shell out the money when Shell mess up in the Arctic

The reason Greenpeace is worried about Arctic drilling and Shell Continue reading

The Orangutan sitting in his locked cage as posted by Cheyenne Wolf Spirit on Face Book tonight

Seeing the Aurora picture of the Orangutan locked in his cage it called to mind what his thoughts might be Continue reading

The Tar Sands and ongoing spills and threats to the environment

Our lust for more and more may soon dawn on us that we should all hope for less and less so that all the worlds people have enough Continue reading

Faux Fur you maybe being lied to

its cheaper to give you real fur than faux fur so just export real fur and call it faux fur, higher margin for the exporters and the big clothing chains Continue reading

The Death of an unknown lady

Covered in her own blood her own sweet precious blood a cow whose faced the wrath of man lies dying in the flood she is leaving purgatory hopeful she will be accepted and transported soon to a place of harmony. … Continue reading

Tai Ji Japan not long to go now

Tai Ji and the poor Dolphins soon to be driven to their death saving their comrades Continue reading

The Elders

a thought for the elders Continue reading

The heartless cannot watch “Earthlings” the film

They will not change they cannot change the dead flesh eaters Continue reading

Alpha and Nukka Lone Wolf and Mohammed

The 2 wolf sisters rescued and being prepared at this moment for re introduction to the wilds Continue reading

What the fracking hell is going on (report in Ethical Consumer page 33 Sept/Oct 2012

Fracking don’t go there Continue reading


You have to ask yourselves how a grown horse is made to walk and almost dance in that peculiar way
well its done with various cruel methods and should be banned Continue reading

Folly’s Farm Sanctuary for Donkeys

A little Donkey Sanctuary in the wilds of Potten end near Berkhamsted along the Nettleden Road, today is was balmy and peaceful and I met all the Donkeys and watched them play a while Continue reading

My Pal the wild Badger

The poor Badgers are easy to be blamed by all and sundry white coats and the rest one day you will realize it was all created in your tiny little minds and the Badgers suffered so badly Continue reading

Who is right the Government the farmers or me read the poem make up your mind

Save the Badger leave him be its not him giving cows TB Continue reading

Monte Belo Dam in Brazil

The Corporates v the people its a battle to the death maybe Continue reading

Sea Shepherd on the Namibian case the seals may yet be saved

Seals and Sea Shepherd and the countries fish stocks and Namibia;s response its a tangled web they weave whoever you believe Continue reading

I am a baby and You want me for your CIRCUS

Circus is past its sell by date Using wild animals and being cruel to get them to do stupid tricks is outdated and not of this time Continue reading

A cow’s love for its calf

Raped and then expecting to give up precious sons so that sentient’s can make cheese from their stomach linings and scoff so much of it till the cholesterol eventually bungs up their arteries and then they probably kill some poor sow to replace their heart valves. Yes I am angry and bitter I am sentient I am that cow Continue reading

Primates are not a resource

Experimentation is what the world needs to think about the corporates murder and dismember primates in their thousands every year for the same old worthless experiments which could be done with out the pain and torture of living creatures Continue reading

Inspired by a post from Angel Henderson “The Shed”

The shed where man crams hundreds of thousands of delicate birds to face 3 months of Hell before they are terminated and become food for our children Continue reading

The futility of War ( from a survivor) Inspired by an article in Counter Currents this evening

Communication at the end of the day when the rivers have turned to blood offers Humanity the last chance before total destruction becomes reality, War is a futile event that claims the angelic ones and is therefore an act of such evil that even Satan finds it remarkable that we keep doing it
Continue reading

Whale Sharks trying to communicate

The Fishermen off the west coast of India use simple methods to catch visiting Whale Sharks who come to communicate only to be slaughtered and cut to pieces Continue reading

Wild animals are beginning to fight back

a story based loosely around a picture video I saw this morning from India Continue reading

Minnesota We are the original earthlings and they are our animal brothers (written especially for my new friend Dawn Duvo)

a sideways glance at the relationship of the Objiwe and the wolves Continue reading