Monthly Archives: August 2012

Thoughts v Instinct

Primates have it all upstairs Continue reading

The Dairy Cow’s lament might lead to your’s too

The milk of human kindness may be the death of you rather quicker than you imagined Continue reading


The National Health was the Nations wealth but now its the Nations drain for the pharmaceutical giants its all been one big game Continue reading

A tortured sage

As rugged as the day is long listen to the Andean song and walk the great volcanic path to heaven Continue reading

Belo Monte whose prayers will be answered

Belo Monte everyone’s waiting the outcome so much is at stake Continue reading

Stephen Watson

Captain Watson’s brother’s picture of the Dolphins a little poem based around that his creation. Continue reading

Whose going to shell out the money when Shell mess up in the Arctic

The reason Greenpeace is worried about Arctic drilling and Shell Continue reading

The Orangutan sitting in his locked cage as posted by Cheyenne Wolf Spirit on Face Book tonight

Seeing the Aurora picture of the Orangutan locked in his cage it called to mind what his thoughts might be Continue reading

The Tar Sands and ongoing spills and threats to the environment

Our lust for more and more may soon dawn on us that we should all hope for less and less so that all the worlds people have enough Continue reading

Faux Fur you maybe being lied to

its cheaper to give you real fur than faux fur so just export real fur and call it faux fur, higher margin for the exporters and the big clothing chains Continue reading