Souvenirs of the Ghan on sale at Adelaide Station

Ghan hats
and Ghan whistles
and paraphanalia
all of the images
Direct from Australia
Adelaide boasts a shop
where you can boy
Ghan souvenirs at the wink
of an eye
Generally characterful
and well designed stuff
Prices are not cheap
But clearly enough
Of the travellers buy items
So its worth while
Its seems that most think
that their purchase has style
The Ghan is a brand
and a good brand at that
and supporting
its contuance
is where I’m at.

3 comments on “Souvenirs of the Ghan on sale at Adelaide Station

  1. Joy jones on said:

    Earlier this year a did the Ghan. Darwin to Adelaide. Among other souvenirs I purchasedan a back pack. It fould very small, good for extra when traveling. Unfortunately I loaned it to a friend who Lost it. I would like to know if I could buy another, or2, and habe them mailed to me. Thanks

    • Rex Tyler on said:

      I did it the other way around actually I flew to Perth from perth took train to Adelaide then train to Darwin then flew to cairns and train to brisbane then flew to Perth quite a journey and did it by myself on sticks being disabled. Sadly never bought souvenirs from the train so unable to help you
      Perhaps write to the railways

  2. Christine Creighton on said:

    Hello just enquiring if you have the tan weekend bag from The Ghan? Or do you know where I can buy one from should have brought one when we did The Ghan train Travel from Adelaide to Darwin.

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