Monthly Archives: May 2012

Oh dear! I nearly made a terrible blunder at Perth International

The wine story that could have ended in disaster Continue reading

Leaving Australia by another door

Australia even 100 poems cannot prove my love Continue reading

A Beach exclusively for the Canine Tribe

an exclusive private beach for dogs Continue reading

Experiencing the children that were so much part of the family

Being part of a new family helped me a lot to become a better more understanding old man Continue reading

All the way

Mulling over the history of the Ghan and its journey from Adelaide to Darwin Continue reading

Souvenirs of the Ghan on sale at Adelaide Station

Adelaide boasts a nice interesting shop supporting the Ghan with well designed gifts and souvenirs Continue reading

The Trains

whatever the ticket costs what you see and how you feel is priceless Continue reading


It was in Basel we met on Ryane Air and I have followed her all around the world ever since Continue reading

Time Travellers

a sort of advertisment for Australia Rail who provide foreigners with unbelievable cost savings on 3 monthly and 6 monthly passes Continue reading

Angela the youngest member of the family

Angela not to be forgotten the baby of the family in Australia Continue reading