It is alleged there are many dangerous creatures in the land of OZ

Australia is said
to be a dangerous place but I
Travelled around the country
asking myself why
The savage so called creatures
if we leave them alone
apparently don’t harm us
good sense
it seems if shown

will keep you safe
which does make sense
wild creatures
prefer the quiet life
and give us signs
Hopefully we will see

The problem is we
lumber about around the earth
have no idea where creatures
live and when creatures give birth
blindly we walk everywhere
through habitats galore
completely unaware of
what’s living there, and more
the pity we don’t check to see
we just go trundling on
and by the time we come face to face
with whatever
our chance has gone

Yes there’s lots of creatures
that will bite you, sting you yes
gobble you up for dinner
but you musn’t second guess
keep out of their habitat
and you will be okay
There’s so much land to look at
so be safe go on your way

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