Angela the youngest member of the family

Angela the baby
who loves her dear mama
she really is a marvellous child
a tiny shining star
with heaps of true tenacity
she’s close to walking tall
today she’s on the carpet
with her record breaking crawl

But she never gives up trying
and is powerful for her size
With a grip already developed
that brings, tears to my eyes
her smiles are rich and genuine
But if she starts to cry
Only mum can quieten her
although most of us try

But in the rocking motion
of her car seat
a drive out somewhere
and she clearly feels
safe within her gentle
little cradle
and there she sleeps for hours
clearly the wheels

the motion lulls
her into a fine dream state
protected by the veil she knows is there
as long as she can feel close to her mother
she’s happy and content and so aware

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