Monthly Archives: May 2012

Shale Gas the saga continue’s

shale gas wastes so much water it must be banned forthwith Continue reading

The Cheetah and the Tortoise(the tortoise is actually supposed to be me)

animals are great at re-cycling, the wild ones are macrobiotic, they are aware of the environment they live in and safeguard it Continue reading

Being recalcitrant is most unbecoming of you Chevron

Chevron’s recalcitrant behaviour over what Texaco left behind in Ecuador Continue reading

Electric plugs in Australian Hotel Bath and shower rooms

There should be Building Regulations to protect visitors travelling to Australia from electric shocks, the siting of 240 volt plugs appear in some hotels to be seriously dangerous and these are brand new flashy hotels Continue reading

It is alleged there are many dangerous creatures in the land of OZ

Australia is a safe holiday destination provided you take care and respect the wild life Continue reading

I saw a black spider in Darwin

It was black and it was a spider Continue reading

A Quichua gift from Victoria

Thank you Victoria Umiah was great Continue reading

Good bye from Perth

Leaving Perth and my darling friend Cristina Continue reading

Serpentine again (more thoughts)

Serpentine Monastery took my breath away Continue reading

Counterfeit parts and the Pentagon

Some of these parts being fitted to weaponry of war Continue reading