An Inuit mother comes to terms with pollution

Every mother has the right
To Freely give nutrition to
Her infant and since time began
Imagine what that day did do
When a researcher in a Lab
Told that mother that her breasts
contain  a vile and poisonous cocktail

and see her instantly depressed

An this has happened to Inuit Mothers
Whose pristine wilderness appears
To be polluted and very dangerous
Its been happening for many years
American factory chimneys belting
Out the smoke, the PCb’s
The mercury, the particulates
The fire retardents if you please

Her love was so profoundly perfect
That relationship so pure
For those long months in harsh surroundings
Both of them did endure
A closeness like no other closeness
The mother feeling each sweet drop
So richly laced with organo chlorines
Mercury it did not stop
Picked up and carried by the winds
From chimneys far away
From Philadelphia to Nebraska
That is what they say

And now a poor young Inuit mother
Knows she has poisoned her dear son
She knows the dolphin meat she’s eaten
Was polluted what has she done
To her unborn child and now the nursing child
she holds against her breast
And still consumes the fat of seals
and Whales, wild food, she feeling blessed
But now the planets dark clouds hover
To send the fall out down on where
She lives and works in the cold arctic
An indigenous soul feeling despair

Through absolutely no fault of hers
She lived a pure and honest life
A hunter gatherer in the Arctic
Where the climate creates some strife
In this harsh place sustainably
She lived her simple life
And is paying for the American Dream
That cuts through her like a knife
How easy it seemed to burn their filth
Their radio active waste
Their pesticides their,  mercury
Their behaviour seems misplaced
They have taken a pristine wilderness
And allowed the dirt to be
Hanging in the Arctic air
For an eternity

37 comments on “An Inuit mother comes to terms with pollution

  1. lone wolf on said:

    Brilliant point you mentioned brother… Mercury poisoning!
    It’s awful not only affects the life of first ppl but marine predators like marine mammals that are on the top of food pyramid of ocean ecosystem…
    The same disease mentioned as Minamata disease which was known among Dolphin eater Japanese during 50 s.

  2. Rex Tyler on said:

    Lone you see what I am doing and the purpose of the blog is to highlight in all the stories animals and indigenous and environment but not keep plugging the Dolphin cause directly but to get the Japanese and others to see that through eating Dolpins and Whales and Seals the Inuit mothers have breast milk which would be considered hazardous waste.Some of those consuming whales and Dolphin In Japan and elsewhere have mercury counts far exceeding the Japan Health Ministries recommendations, and it does not reduce appreciably even years after they stop eatng it.I am being subtle but not losing sight of the fact that Dolphins are being killed and by the way 2000 a year are killed in Taiji but a further 18,000 are killed in Northern Japan, so Taiji is really the tip of the Japanese iceberg.Thanks for your comments they are very appreciated.

  3. Rex Tyler on said:

    its fine

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