A Mother from Fallujah (There but for fortune go you or I)

Put yourselves into a body of a girl from Fallujah
Imagine it, what wrong had she done, well
None of course thus far

Your son
Was being born, an Iraqi in a town
west of Baghdad
Your parents killed
and you are overwhelmingly so sad

They had been blown to smithereens Such torture and despair
You were just a simple girl
Who had been living there
Inside this ancient country
The promise it was yours
And that the West invaded
Shock and awe, and scores

Were playing out before you
Shells and Bombs and guns
Parents,Sisters, Brothers
Daughters even  sons
Were tangled in the ruins
Of homes about your town
And still the bombs and shells
they just came raining down

The market place was busy
Your dear parents did share
They were blown to peices
By the missile that landed there
It supposedly aimed at the bridge
But mistakenly dropped here
In a Fallujah market place
Hell from ear to ear

And you, found your mother’s remains
Like a broken puppet she
Was limp and lifeless
drained of blood
She just stared vacantly
Up into the heavens, her last look at
the sky
Father had been by her side
But was gone which is now why

She came back, to be at the very place
That she found her, mama
To say a few words to her
To let her know a star
Was ready to be born,a little babe
Was on its way
A new life, a new vision
A fresh start a new day

The hospital it beckoned
White sheets filled her eyes
The lass though tired and weary
Looked up to the skies
She feels the baby leaving her
She hears the babies cries
Looking down she see’s him
A sweet sight for her eyes

Six fingers on each hand
A sort of, elongated head
She hopes that he is beautiful
But alas she hears ,he’s dead
Her baby was a monster
Its organs shot away
It lived for a few minutes
Before it passed away

Depleted Uranium its dust
is everywhere
Nobody can see it
No one knows its there
So many babies dying
So many defects they
Have been left a vicious
Future, care of the USA

A mother sees no reason
For the carnage and the war
A mother pleads in ignorance
What was it all for?
Why her darling infant wrapped
in blood stained swaddling
should be
Examined by the Doctors
with tumultuous, pity

Uranium and Phosphorus
rained down on us
Now they tell women they must
not conceive
For this may be the future
of Fallujah
To die a long slow death
and we must grieve
She hangs her head such solace
Having cried, until
She’s dry,
and not another tear
Will ever fall now from her eye

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