An MOT For Husbands Maybe

An annual inspection for Husbands
Is coming in force from to-day
Its based on the system
Thats been used for cars
And of course what it means
Is you say
If your bloke is a pub crawling laggard
Who follows the football or snores
Sleeps watching telly or has a beer belly
Or all that you say he ignores
Then you can trade him in for another
Perhaps a young model who can
Be house trained but able to party
A real hunk they call a real man
If the old man could do with a face-lift
Some spare parts perhaps or maybe
Put out to grass for the summer
Having not got through his MOT
Then pick who you want and go AWOL
Leave the old man in the rear
We’ll pick him up when we’re ready
And you can just get out of here
We’ll wash him down and examine
All of his bad points and try
To give him a service and counsel him well
And make him into a new guy

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