I feel for the poor

The parasites are everywhere and are responsible
For they have stolen money from the poor
We see it working all over the third world
How Western Corporations do ignore
How they are plundering the oil and minerals
forcing the working people all along
In sweat shops on a pittance for shifts some
day and night
For about $2 which of course is wrong

Big names on the high streets of the Western World
Supplying goods where exploitation rules
The quality is high but the workers how they cry
Living where they do in fact their hurled
Into slums with open sewers everywhere
Rubbish and disease is all they see
Made to work like slaves for next to nothing
In conditions likened to a hell hole, we
Know the air conditioning’s for the management
The workers stand for hours in abject heat
The rich few grab the wealth of many millions
And many of them do not have a seat
The Planets wealth usurped by the big corporates
The working classes ground down in the mire
Puppet rulers strung along with gifts and stuff
In hearts and minds though now there is a fire
I do not see an end to it the parasite are growing
They are good at selling, for that is what they do
But all the while the rich are getting richer
And the poor are getting kicked I thin the few
Have got to watch their backs for it is coming
The people are now jumpy many feel
Put down and they can’t take much more of this shit
So the revolutions coming, and for real

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