Quercus Alba Duir Juglans Masculine that’s so Ruled by the Sun Element Fire Deities Dagda And Erato Protection power and money Religious idols were Made of oak And witches loved Dancing they confer Under A handsome oak tree And Druids … Continue reading


Lactuca Sativa The common old lettuce Of feminine gender It’s planet the moon It’s powers are protection Sleep and divination And feeling sublime and just being in tune Where love is concerned Burned and yearning Rub some on your forehead … Continue reading

Sacred sites

Sacred sites in WA Are desecrated every day Abused in every circumstance The Aboriginal spirit we The sanctity of soul The innermost integrity The building light And role they play In need of the absolute For their way Meticulous intent … Continue reading


Catnip known by cat lovers Around the world The felines do activate excite and purr It’s significant powers are true Feminine gender it had to be The planet Venus and water Is it’s element And Bast its deity Used widely … Continue reading


Honeysuckle Lonicera Caprifolium Gender it be masculine It’s element is Earth It’s planet of course Jupiter Where it gains its worth Ring green candles with its flowers To attract the money tree Rub lightly crushed flowers On one’s forehead And … Continue reading

Dandelion and Brig

Planetary bodies A Druid tells us so The Dandelion such virtue And now all of you know Of the tiny tenacious one Who sacrificed her soul And with her spirituality One reason and control

Aspects of ROWAN

This year the Rowan’s berries Are abundant to be sure It’s gender it be masculine It’s element fire And Thor Is of course it’s deity With divination you also can increase your psychic Powers My dears And therein lies a … Continue reading

Killer Safari’s

Fancy killing animals A profession some do say Encouraging the low life To come on holiday Not to just see Africa But to murder the wild souls The Big five and the rest of them If these are your goals … Continue reading

Defamation and all that follows

Project Chimps The sanctuary in Georgia Has 78 ex laboratory Chimpanzees Former staff have said the apes Are not looked after well And the sanctuary is suing For defamation so a Spell Of nastiness and hurtfulness But there is no … Continue reading


To be loving of ones parents Brings originality A genuineness to work with And such creativity Foresight from your mother When Shinichi Suzuki His Language acquisition And a learning she could see Affirmative of action It’s how you had to … Continue reading

It just feels So ominous

Zimbabwe and the Hwange National Park A splendid place The largest Natural reserve I hear Where many animals grace Between Bulawayo and the Victoria Falls So famous in a way Close to Dete and the Kalahari A Great Place to … Continue reading

“Gulf livestock”became their horrendous grave

New Zealand they are at it too Live exports Moral turpitude Thousands of pregnant cows aboard And a crew of 43 From Napier to Tangshan In China What a journey The cruelty personified It’s just what shippers do Thrown about … Continue reading

ELK got it’s own way in the end

A bow hunter shot an elk And went to bed In the morning woke up Thinking it was dead He then went out a looking And suddenly he found The ELK was charging at him And knocked him to the … Continue reading

Paradise lost

It’s hard to get ones head around The evil Paradise a pristine coral reef With such a fine abundance Of sea life everywhere And a long comes a great bulk carrier Spewing out despair dolphins die all suffocated Angel fish … Continue reading

The Autumn Equinox

22nd of September Brings us Autumn and a key To unlock and create colours And a new found vibrancy Apparently It Draws down hue’s Wondrous colouration comes A playful time A merry rhyme The masters palette Watch his thumbs His … Continue reading

No love of the trapper man

Outdoorsman call them what you will In the U S they Believe they have refined techniques To blow the wolves away They know they are highly intelligent Much more so than a dog They are quick to figure out the … Continue reading


There are heartbreaking stories Happening each day Dolphins fighting for their lives Being made to pay A mother tried to save Her drowning baby But both died The toxic oil is everywhere It gets in their inside It’s dreadful to … Continue reading


She says she is a modern nomad And the desert is to where She loves to travel purposefully Remaining aware Nature just appeals to her The animals the trees Abuse and exploitation Brings her to her knees She has that … Continue reading


Fibrous structural protein nails feathers And horns Claws and hooves and of course hair The animals are pawns To quackery and nonsense And for this so many die The pangolin its scales Are used but for healing that’s a lie … Continue reading


TAIJI is after dolphins They have started up today The first day of the season The hunting boats away The spitefulness And malice Has been building in their souls And today the poor old dolphins Will be hunted by the … Continue reading

Just 45 minutes drive from the KRUGER NATIONAL PARK

All zoo’s are past their sell by date A long long time ago Concentration camps for souls Prison camps that show Wild animals in cages Locked away they be Prisoners who were not allowed To be as born YEA free … Continue reading


He was born in the Slangkop troop A complex hierarchal place A fascinating family Where he recognised each face It is very unsettling For baboons to find their feet When they lose sight of family It really does defeat Their … Continue reading


Mobanza Mobimbo Gerard As sinful as they come He a Ivory trafficker One of the chosen scum It’s said he murdered Elephants 500 met his strife Felt his bullets In their soul And Of course lost their life And it … Continue reading

Edicts from the darkly

Mindlessness is clearly Rampant out in the EU A certain moronic feature Doing what they do Changing back to experiments On animals we hear Clearly they are wanting And as such it is very clear The bureaucrats should be the … Continue reading

The Japanese and the sea

Whales and dolphins Get a poor show from The Japanese If it’s not harpooning near TAIJI Drive fishing as they squeeze The life out for so many killers all the time And now a ship it runs aground And the … Continue reading

Wildness in Lions is fast disappearing

Harvesting wild animals Especially the LIONS Conning volunteers To come You must have seen the signs They pay to go and nurture The cubs and can you see We turn our backs on Nature And it’s legitimacy That gargantuan roar … Continue reading

Elephants rights in Thailand

This appeal is to TOURISTS You are the ones Who go out to Thailand Your daughters and sons Expecting to gain sight Of Elephants there To ride On their backs And you don’t even care That by riding on their … Continue reading

Ntanda Mahlanga

For the tribe, for my people For the love of life we all Break out and be confident The over powering school Of hard knocks and persuasion Took me through that race Feeling every sinew And trying to raise the … Continue reading

Those poor Macaques

Wild Macaques right into Laboratories we hear The NIH their mind-boggling work It’s macabre abuses fear These really intelligent monkeys Know all about alarm They come in very inquisitive Soon subjected to harm. Someone called Elizabeth Murray And inquisitor of … Continue reading

Tigers in circus

Abusing the wild tiger With captivity Cruelty apparent Doing tricks, it’s feels to me These are from wild tiger stock Fierce and natural predators Made to look like wimps It does unlock A feeling in the Tigers Of resentment It’s … Continue reading