God gave us eyes

God gave us eyes That we yes can see The drama and torture That happens to be In front of our heads As we wait in this place Wait to be murdered It’s such a disgrace The blood on the … Continue reading

Nebraska’s Puma hunting

A lot of loose thinking And a lack of vision Nebraska judgement From me some derision A narrow mind An intolerance for The Puma or Mountain Lion Where there’s war It’s sort of attrition A mission that’s mean Just 40 … Continue reading


It’s all about light And the concept it brings From the sombre dusk gloaming It’s vibrancy sings The wonderful crocus and snowdrops That show Their dazzling glare Just like fresh fallen snow Foaming and waxen Fresh, as can be Imbolc … Continue reading

Wearing the skin of another

There is a basic wrongness About wearing Another creatures skin The unjustifiability It truly is a sin Discrimintory Below the belt In everything we do Transgress infringe and trespass All these things are true Wearing another creatures skin To be … Continue reading


Standing by the roadside A victim, Passers by Hardly realising That this donkey he did cry Suffering the agony Of his legs wired Up and he Left to face the music As some were soon to see Taken back to … Continue reading

Pachyderms lament

We are really up against it Walking as we do Where accidents with trains Are constant and a clue The virtue of our being In places where we must Cross railways in our passage Just victims in the dust The … Continue reading


A hooded cloak of cherry Badges everywhere A grey beard matching tousled hair A bard whose need to share Words and compositions A preamble to it all A rich continuation To the writing on the wall A soothsayer of seasons … Continue reading

Wild Hunters

That kindly disposition That amiability A family with such closeness With wild ability Responsiveness and caring Chivalrous both be The great Mother behind them Overflowing empathy Up against pure cussedness The spitefulness of man Who calls himself a hunter Making … Continue reading

Wolf moon

Packs of hungry wolves At midwinter tend to be Howling at the moon it’s said And that is why we see The first full moon Of this new year Called after their lament This a penembral Lunar eclipse Where the … Continue reading

An Essex Dairy Farm

A dairy farm in Essex Was !visited late last year And a general lack of principle And injustice there was clear Shabbiness abjectness The poor cows beaten by Frustrated cruel abusers Who tragically apply Unworthiness and puerility No respect at … Continue reading