Northern white cheeked Gibbons

PU Mat National Park In Northern Vietnam Quite near the border with Laos And subject to alarm Critically endangered Some 455 living at high altitude And hoping to survive A biosphere reserve Away from humans One has to feel With … Continue reading

The Ant State

Effective and efficient Their potency is power A driving force of dominance A vigourousness for now Their energy atomic Athletic through and through They are a secret society And reign supreme they do Their overwhelming message Incontestable regard Aliens for … Continue reading

Blue bell wood Ashridge

A sweep of colour Met my eyes A sea of blue On waving stems AShridge smiled The bluest gleam Which forced her bells Into my dream Under the pale light Shade was pure A lovely blue Real azure It rocked … Continue reading

Sex enslavement

20 years old A Yazidi women Ethnically Kurdish Her community she Very religious To be a minority In Northern Iraq Where no one is free Living with fear With dread and with awe Tears one’s soul from one’s body Deep … Continue reading

Killing whales is adding to the planets more rapid demise

The great overtures we hear Within the ocean The great whale songs That lift the mariners hearts Into perpetuity externally forever The philosophy of existence that just starts To resonate in spirits undeniably For sum and substance It can reach … Continue reading


Forsythia’s blaze of yellow Is heralded at Spring Ostara draws emotions And to our eyes does bring Great anticipation A beautiful embrace The olive families treasure Brimstone at a pace Named after William Forsyth A Scottish Botanist A deciduous shrub … Continue reading


Chiroptera the winged hand Mammals that can fly Suffering from the human trait Of slagging them off But why Did Bram Stoker cause confusion With Dracula where he Planted a seed in many a mind And there in fact it … Continue reading

Soviet whaling 1946-1986

The majestic giants The baleen whales The hump back so to say That lived in the North Pacific And spent their time away Travelling for miles and miles On small fish and krill Really a gigantic beast That some humans … Continue reading

Die offs and the possibility of arrogance

Financial gain is the ultimate experience Controlling Nature seems to be the thing Die offs happen there are many reasons The ocean’s very existence though is king It occupies much of the planets surface Much if it unexplored its great … Continue reading

Mendoza Zoo in Argentina

They officially opened This zoo long ago Back before I was born And now some 1300 animals Have to live there torn Out of their natural environment And taken to be there for good But rarely are zoo’s that effective … Continue reading