The principle of evil The amorality When aimed at the immaculate The creatures that were Free The males seemed rather frightened To cry To let the world Know their unworldly spirit That the iniquitous had hurled A dolphin cried Its … Continue reading


Nets of nylon Hooks of steel Exploding harpoons All for real Dredged and trawled Caught on long lines Can none of you now see the signs? Beaching Its teaching Its beseeching The screeching The bleaching of corals The death the … Continue reading


The footprint for palm oil Is as deep as can be Many tears have been shed So much sadness I see Heart wrenching stories Pitiful tales Lives left in tatters How this all pales Into significance It is the start … Continue reading

Abusing kangaroo’s out of total ignorance

A boxing ring A kangaroo Expecting it to be Part of some great fight night Insensitivity A non-realization Crass ignorance we see An animal in bewilderment And the artless infamy Man unkind Untutored Illiterate And dumb Really the new age … Continue reading


A permanence of suffering An artist with a pen Creates whatever picture Is possible and when A Badge maybe of honour Graphically composed Depicting a perspective Whatever was proposedj Is given tone and colour We must remember those Colours may … Continue reading

The elephant and the other great beasts and a special thought for iceland 76

From wildness and abundance In the wilderness of cause Ancestral shadows flourish And to some a diapause A wistful inclination Of the enemy abroad Whose arrogance and ignorance We battle to afford As size goes we are Truly a dominating … Continue reading

Live exports through the EU

Its intolerable Its insufferable Its more than flesh and blood Can stand All these live exports Really theres a flood Of interest and of money to be made Of course thats true The muslims want live animals fresh meat Halal … Continue reading

MEAT TRADE or murder trade

Dont talk To me you idiots When I speak of vegan food How you have lived to a 106 And still remain so shrewd Up in brain and savvy So what is my excuse Living on bloody rabbit food And … Continue reading


Dragging ones heart Remembering rainbows Where can my pretty witch be Casting her spells With some sweet little shells Down by the blue of the sea I feel talismanic But I must not panic My unicorn Where can he be … Continue reading

Dr Birute

The worlds true primate angel A scholar of the wild Clearly her enlightenment Begun as a child Her grasp and her awareness A perception of the great Acquaintanceship with the red apes And there can be no debate This women … Continue reading