Regan Russell “Black lives matter”

Courage of one’s convictions The audaciousness of now a women who believed And who achieved Really now how Anyone can reasonably Pass a law that states That We may transport pigs From farm to The slaughterhouse Gates With no true … Continue reading

The solitary

They know about oneness Their whole integration A singular solitary mapped out isolation Up against villainy Mindless persuasion Illogicality And exasperation The Leopard a climber A mastery really So level headed Farsighted and clear Quick witted and nimble The judgement … Continue reading


A melee of monsters And all of them human Local to where the bold Elephant lives Searching for water Perhaps with her daughter But up against wickedness Which sadly survives Kerala‘S Deception Comes at a price Pious inexactitude Hypocrisy too … Continue reading

Hunter of wolves

A hunter with his bloodied kill and Nis daughter in his lap A photo for the album Dressed up to kill this sap This obstacle to knowledge Half baked and out of touch Unscholarly and backward Who does not conjure … Continue reading

Hunter man I am no fan

Contempt for really beautiful birds A wreathed hornbill who Flits about the forest Doing what Hornbills do His snooty bragging attitude A Typical hunter who Goes into another’s place And decides to shoot him through Unworthy of any title Despised … Continue reading


In 1987 She came from Africa The papers they said Guinea But we think She actually came from the Congo or from the Cameroon False papers under CITES Made the link A female in a concrete cell For 33years, she … Continue reading

Orca hell otherwise known as seaworld

What is more alien Than a sea pool Not very deep But only fool Would imagine wild orca’s Could possibly be Anything other than sick Actually They live in their pods WTH instinctive power Knowledge passed down through the ages … Continue reading

Elephants dying

Such remorse and compunction Such sadness I feel For the number of elephants Dead That appeal To my senses is heartfelt In lockdown today With a storm raging our Outside Quite simply it may Bring so many tears to my … Continue reading

Moody vegan

The 3rd of May Was the actual day When you saw the light And found the way Forward into light and glory No more dead flesh In your story Vegan meals And a vegan life Clothes and no more Actual … Continue reading

Significant torture

On Dairy farms unfortunately Rules are often made And animals are suffering Such Harshness which is laid down on all their bodies Equally to appear To undergo real torture So much harassment and fear Bulls are Mounted mechanically It’s too … Continue reading

Halal and Kosher

Killing animals for food For me it’s not a view But slaughter men in Slaughter Houses Are told, what to do Stun the animals before killing Or kill them anyway NO stunning you just cut Their throats And watch them … Continue reading

AUSTRALIA irreverence for sheep shipped by sea

50,000 sheep are being shipped On Wednesday they Can Wave goodbye to Freemantle and they all sail away On a gigantic animal ship With one vet so I hear What miserable compromise One vet dear oh dear A dereliction of … Continue reading

Don’t call us voiceless we have cried ourselves dry

When you are wild as the wind You don’t want to be Under the scape into pliancy Submissive and bowing Ingratiation Ready to grovel And stoop for salvation Man has that habit Of expecting that we Kowtow to him When … Continue reading

Salmon farming

The arrogance of modern man Of His disrespect I am no fan Such absconding and lack of alacrity And what amounts to truancy God made fish made places where Salmon swam and breatheD the air Indiscipline and mutiny Brought fish … Continue reading

Australian dishonour

There is no honour amongst friends That much we know is true Greyhounds give themselves away By running as they do Racing around a track To catch the non existent one Winning is the only way When the day is … Continue reading

Cruelty to dairy cows

A dairy farm In New Zealand In Eketahuna Where 74 dairy cows Were neglected And I am sure suffered and lamentably From lameness But when found out The owners were fined And released to carry on farming So whats Ll … Continue reading

RAFIKI (in English means Friend)

The Corvid world wide Pandemic Has curtailed the parks And so the poachers And illegal hunters Tragically the numbers grow Eco tourists are not coming So money there is tight and sadly the National Parks Were being neglected And a … Continue reading

Mama Bear

It happened just last week In Richmond, Showano County A mom and three cubs The mother gunned down Just like that An obtuseness that happens to some The sheriff is now looking out for the Culprit The towns people say … Continue reading

Cliff Walker Profession HUNTER

As a vegan of many decades It sickens me to see People earning money From killing and the key To all they do for others Is hunting parties Where We intrude into their habitat And murder them Aware, whose Aware … Continue reading


In Zimbabwe in Shona I hear it means POWER “SIMBA”the LION Whose every hour Has been so disarranged So chaotic poor soul Lying in Russia He had no control Of his life he was used As a prop on the … Continue reading

“The Porter”

ANSPACH & HOBDAY David Streets best They call it “The Porter“ and whatever the test It is their flagship ale That much I can say With its wonderful malts And the hops that just play With your tastebuds First sweetness … Continue reading

Part of the reason why habitat loss is so wrong

Habitat loss has become very serious Wild souls are finding that their Needs are conflicting with settlements And of course really how is that fair It happens in England in forested places Where badgers and foxes and deer Are up … Continue reading


The most malevolent of hunters that T have ever heard A one man exterminator The figures feel absurd 5000 wonderful Elephants 50 courageous Lions 30 warrior Leopards 50 Hippo’s, signs Of iniquitous confusion 800 Buffalo’s I can feel the indignation … Continue reading

A poisoning in India

Scant respect for wild life In India today Another two elephants murdered By poisoning they say Elephants came to drink And someone laced the pond With a deadly poison Where really is the bond Of care for the Gifted elephants … Continue reading

She trusted us

We failed her Our wickedness And degradation Our guilt and ungodliness Became her salvation To leave with her baby And slip far away To the great Rainbow Bridge Where the unfallen lay In a state of grace Unversed and naive … Continue reading


A very endangered species And Humans Primarily Are the threat beyond all others And really hold the key To whether this great animal Can survive it’s vast domain Living on China’s doorstep It casts a wide refrain Its threat is … Continue reading

Poor coyote

When a coyote inadvertently Gets caught up in a trap It becomes a waking nightmare Such misery such crap Heaving hoping somehow Trying to get free Hoping it is possible Before she comes for me That trapper Bridget Wilcox Uneasy … Continue reading

Fossil fuels

Barclays lets itself down By propping up those who Send contaminants into the atmosphere Funders sadly who Support the Coal and Tar Sands And the Frackers too And millions of gallons Of potable water What a biased view It gives … Continue reading

LILY’s pet foods

Lily’s kitchen cat and dog food It use to be the brand But now Swiss Giant Nestle Has taken it in hand Watch it’s ethics tumble Really at a stroke Palm oil so more forestS razed Yes it is no … Continue reading


We found him Little “Sparkle” Looking rather sad Very weak and emaciated We thought in fact he had Been a victim of a car strike But found out actually That he had just stopped eating Anorexic tragically We examined him … Continue reading