Its winter Lets Call in all the old Call in the children We need to hold Fast to those whose immunity Is weaker by far It seems to me Give them a dose Of the lively flu The formaldehyde The … Continue reading

Myanmar and its elephants

Died out vanished lost and gone The elephants of Myanmar MongLa Bago Yama towns THe Yangon region Clearly drowns in elephant blood For what we see Is the vilest darkest murdering spree Not a scrap of sense Pure hollowness Bloodshed, … Continue reading

The Knowledge

There was Knowledge and enlightenment An order in a time gone by When consciousness was relevant And acquaintanceship was high Lore and wisdom had been acquired By experience most true It was all hands on and mindful Its what they … Continue reading

Ivory 2

The comment I should like to make On the poaching gangs who feel Their unworthiness and mischief Inside themselves reveal A malignancy a measly and corrosive And revolting tyranny Perhaps a vile affliction An impetuosity Impressionable and restless An excitability … Continue reading


The unscrupulous opportunism In Zimbabwe today Because therecwas a dry spell The artfulness to pay Little respect to the Elephants And deviously try To poison what was left around Of the limited water supply It calls for a lot of … Continue reading

Australian Bush Meat

Meretriciousness a nice long word To start the poem going Falseness guile and artfulness The wheeler dealers showing Collusion with the grey suits With their brand of skulduggery In the dirty business the veneer And The illusory Treacherous and spurious … Continue reading

Sky frackers can you hear me?

They must have something on you Or are you dosed up with drugs Or you Do not have a family Or they threaten you with bugs Pilots who fly everyday Up into the sky With tanks of dangerous chemicals Which … Continue reading


Nothingness oblivion Its just obliteration Its baseless and its groundless And ofcourse without foundation Most morning pilots hit the skies With chemicals galore Forming crosses everyone Their patterning for sure Producing ugly pathways Descending to the gound The cadmium and … Continue reading

Perceived profit

Realness actuality And individuality The immortal quest For what is best True substantiality The embodiment of life itself The dream thats always there A short cut to oblivion That many wish to share The inherited characteristics Of a nomadic tribe … Continue reading

St Kilda

Its a heritage site, believe it do Out of the Atlantic the cliffs they ring true Amazingly climb up into the sky Great sea stacs that are very high Undeniably enduring they Are the home to birds That all make … Continue reading