Janis Joplin

Port Arthur Texas That was the place Where Janis saw the light A baby in her mother’s arms And so began her fight Inhibited in Monterey On stage she burst And she Was twenty Four And very sure And her … Continue reading

Dolores O’Riordan

She was so special One of a kind Leading the Cranberries A wondrous find A mezzo soprano A lyricist too A real personalty Goodly and true She was born in Limerick In seventy One An exceptional pitch And a yodel … Continue reading

The glorious Minke

Such beauty A marvellous prodigy Infinite creatively To Norways Whalers Wicked souls The pregnant mothers All with roles Easier to kill So we hear The harpoon flight Comes with the fear Of God and perpetuity A rider of the ocean’s … Continue reading

A Family

A family Such serenity Know its their place They need to be A wood Its good The purity Bashful faultless Integrity Due respect Such nobility Our just reward Is all we see Bouquets of godliness Its the prize How their … Continue reading

The Victim

Dare we forget, the victim here A cat, a soul a heart A life itself a miracle Who just wanted to be part Of someone’s special family An animal, I know A member of the feline tribe Having to undergo … Continue reading

He once was a king

He once was a king In a jungle green A handsome soul In a vital scene Of Africa and the waters edge Where old age came So they allege Take it from me I was old its true Feeling tired … Continue reading


Unjustifiablity The guilty And criminality Riding up on horseback Wanting to win a race Digging in those rotten heels Trying to increase the pace Getting out that whip hand And thrusting it into The horses flank With all ones might … Continue reading

Gressingham DUCKs

#ASDA #TESCO #WAITROSE Improbity Venality Shamefulness disgrace Another Big RED TRACTOR Drives around the place Watching operatives argue Unethically they be Inglorious and unworthy These poor ducks such cruelty Shackled most unflatteringly Cruel beyond all care Rammed with force Dragged … Continue reading

The Avebury Angel

I hear theres an angel In Avebury We know its a wonderful place Standing stones Long Barrows Ditches and hills Stukelys geometry A place of grace And favour Of angles and passages too And, the old stables And the post … Continue reading


A nice clean bed New sheets duvet Pillow cases too I count my lucky stars tonight That you do what you do Your painting skills And thoughtfulness It is second to none No matter what the weather When you are … Continue reading

My little dryad friend

A tree nymph I once met Who lived in an old oak tree She told me she was greek They are shy, normally I told her I had three names Rex william artemis And she was just drawn to me … Continue reading

Our precious Kangaroo

In 30 years some 90 million Kangaroo’s have lost their life Shot to death by shooters At night, whilst feeding So much extra strife Australia’s National Symbol Wild animals they be God put them on this continent Surrounded by the … Continue reading

A stag in the bag

Leaping agility Acceleration Down through the heather A sprint whose creation Offers the spirit Of being with family Together fleetness and fleeing Into the sea, taste the salt Crisp and dry Swift fast and rapidly Under a sky Of crisp … Continue reading

Cross River Gorillas

Critically endangered Up against the odds The Cross River Gorllas Created by their gods To roam the Nigerian Forests The rarest ape on earth A podcast to 4 million Helping to bring their worth To the people really Engaged in … Continue reading


Its absolutely disgusting For a country To have the cheek to call Their so called trade Farming it is harming All who work within its auspices Morally its wicked And now laid Firmly on your shoulders the criminality Its spiteful … Continue reading

Hunters sicken me

Scotland in the wilds A peaceful true serenity And hunters lie awaiting A herd of deers who be Coming down the rock face In real flight fine and free And these hunters who should be locked up Not down if … Continue reading

Taking life for granted

Deprivation, being elsewhere An empty space alone Nobody to talk to Your seeds have all been sown Lacking, wanting, needing Vacant, void, inane Outside the frost is bitter It just feels insane In the grip of loneliness Not a face … Continue reading

Taiji and its continual abhorrent drives

Hour after hour Day after day Month after month The same selfish way Year after year Pod after pod Complete family trees Who swim with their god Those who watch captures Recording the sight Of capture selection And killing Whats … Continue reading

Illegal hunting

Police have been involved Thats the air service Accompanying the ground force So we hear In the Cotswolds illegal hunts Are happening In the Beaufort Area Some fear Is represented clearly And its worrying After all it is against the … Continue reading

The Cochin

Authentically South Indian The dignity assurred Across the social graces The cultured are adored Aesthetically the artistry Gourmets everywhere Are overcome by Cochins drum And Its elegant true fair Enchanting and so pleasing Not only to the eye But to … Continue reading

Eleanor of Aquitaine

Imagine having this fine women In your family tree One such lass that I know well Has this recognizee A blackwater tiger A women so revered Who provided some ten children And her intelligence appeared Priceless in her regent roles … Continue reading

Lord Sumption

Lord Sumption has integrity His command of language It is key Courage and commitment too Responsiveness it all comes through Humility and modesty A champion such chivalry Justice and the process of Law Right minded, impartial He does implore An … Continue reading

A slaughtered BULL

An assemblage of knaves Of the wicked intent Vigour and drive And from Heaven was sent Its muscle and might A sovereign supreme A force to contend with Of the crop its the cream Bullied and tortured Made to feel … Continue reading


He was born on a Tuesday The fourteenth of July In the year 1860 A Leo and high In the echalons really Of the art nouveau From the Austrian Empire Was where he did grow Up, he was quick to … Continue reading


Its Happening in England On our green and pleasant land Truculence and cussedness Who can understand The misanthropic monsters That trap and hunt and kill Thousands of our wild life And are doing it still Their arrogance is sky high … Continue reading

The cucking stool

To the so called men Or judges who dared Ever to say Healing caring women Should suffer and should pay The obtuseness and stupidity Of men who thought they had The right to torture healers Their aloofness more than sad … Continue reading

Saturn’s seed

Suddenly it happened On the window pane A mirror image Of such art I know it sounds insane The morning sun Precipitation Diamonds and azure drops Sapphires turquoise delectable gems The power of light It never stops Far away The … Continue reading

TV host huntress

She was Born in Sarasota Florida and she A Gemini in the year Of the Ox Is where she be A, tv presenter And a huntress Of big game Posting on social media She is different So they claim She … Continue reading

The foxman

The flush of the sunset Foxman his coat A ruddy bloom A scarlet note Standing out in the forest Red ochre red lead A rouge painted hero Whose appearance just led His showy veneer Pyrotechnics His energy you could feel … Continue reading


Abandoned by a lampost In Canterbury They found A lurcher looking the worse for wear Not making a sound But surely he was suffering A broken leg poor soul Left there by some bastards Who was out of control The … Continue reading