Class action

The balaclava warriors The angels of the field They really take a lot of stick From the hunters who do build All sorts of class structure The plum in mouth brigade Who love to kill The feral souls And join … Continue reading

YU chi tang or Sharks Fin soup

A gelatinious texture a tasteless bowl of stew From the cartilaginous dorsal or pectoral fins We do Go against createdness and 400 hundred millions years Of the truest eco systems adding to the fears Of unbalancing the oceans with our … Continue reading

The iconic one

Wild and feral Children of the bush Spectators who Dodge commercial hunters Licensed good and true Harvesters their pockets full of tags Their hearts on fire In the Mulga country Where the spirit world is dire Shooters all approved of … Continue reading


Rumbling tumbling cows that go bumbling Herds of them critters that dwell on the grass The existence of Brocks indestructible flocks Nocturnal beings in a different class Well-grounded physical genuine ferals Culled for no purpose but hearsay I fear Pasture … Continue reading

Eating honey does you proud yea you stick out in the crowd

Realness factuality The Bee is undeniably A workerholic a loving soul Enduring in complete control Essential to the pollination Attested as our true salvation The dilemma modern man And the corporate fools Who just began To take advantage Of all … Continue reading

Heavy thoughts of wild and heavy horses

The laborious slogging And strenuous plodding Painstaking and active Uphill and down Put out one’s effort And one’s endeavours Move heaven and earth For the sight of a crown How muscles are driven Through clods and through clayballs We pull … Continue reading

Eyestalk ablation

Aquaculture has its share Of barbarity Aimed at female prawns Who actually Are very sensitive To the local environment And codes of conduct do It seems to me Get buried under profit making Scenario’s The inconsiderateness and lack of concern … Continue reading


The spark of life That miracle The playfulness The harmlessness Feathers new and powdery Yes i be squeaky clean Riding on the conveyor belt Into the toothed machine. Wide eyed a clear conscience Happy to be here Riding through this … Continue reading

Elizabeth Cochrane(Nellie Bly)

Courage and commitment to a cause Deep in her heart Clearly it a karmic debt That she had to impart At 18 under a pen name She became Nellie Bly Worked on the New York World Newspaper And she could … Continue reading

Seaworld’s arrogance

The ignorant apparently are past Masters at their craft Cetaceans are their victims These glorious beasts of old Social creatures developed over Millenia, transforming the oceans We are told. Sea world has seen three of them Dive into no more … Continue reading