We must never forget them

12 months ago the ship left Freemantle Thousands of sheep loaded they Were stressed out of their minds Having come from all over the place You can just see the signs From farm to the port Ventilation not good No … Continue reading

MANipulation of dogs

Man related dangerous breeds And fed the information To the police and to the courts Who deal with laws and sometimes torts Statutes precedents galore Habeus Corpus and Common Law A preponderance of evidence And violations so to say They … Continue reading


Taking for granted The wonders of being The composure and calmness Each entity freeing Attested &physical Genuine &true Gifted of life An undying view PROSTALK a company Offering those Sickly and egoistically Coming to blows With animals anywhere Who have … Continue reading


Reality creation and actuality The undeniable facts of life The sum and substance, we Know as the enduring truth Immortal and on queue Is what it is Its what we know It is factually true Disney in so many ways … Continue reading


Despite the risein eating meat SPAIN Decides that she Must carry on murdering bulls And calves and do it blatantly Forget the vile barbarity Bloodlust and violent traits Abusers of the world delight It opening the gates Of hell in … Continue reading

TAIJI all over again

Year after year Day after day drives a bargain TAIJI One of aweful dismay Taking out dolphins Respected souls To create a bloodbath Each one take dark roles Fishermen so called Heartless geeks they Torture our babies Every day of … Continue reading


They set light to our horns Which burned our eyes So We charge through the flesh Of the none too wise The ugly Spaniards Tanked up on The sangria A bottle gone then the cruelty It begins Spanish culture Sin … Continue reading

Mary Shelley to the Chimera and social media

It was over a weekend Five centuries she Mary the romantic Mary Shelley A modern Prometheus Somebody who She called Frankenstein And gave birth to the new From the old from the ancient From the corpses away The vile body … Continue reading


Though under the cosh Still we must wash The Eagle proud beautiful soul In the great land of feather One has to ask whether It’s right to feel constantly droll To bathe in the river To philosophise daily Shadows of … Continue reading

A smile from the emerald isle

Imaginative and creative An idyll of greenery where Inventiveness and inspiration And tranquility seemingly share The foxgloves the land of the fae And beyond To a positive place from a dream A manifestation of everything lovely The sunlight atop a … Continue reading