Kangaroos news

We wake up this morning And what makes us feel Happier sadly is something so real America banning the import They say Of kangaroo body parts Why the delay? Why were they ever Murdering scum Importing body parts It leaves … Continue reading

Ranoo the Bear

Zoo’s are past their sell by date Cruelty and pain Miserly and ungenerous They are into it for gain Tight fisted and grudging They don’t see how they gain By spending loads of money On cages when its plain the … Continue reading

Pacari chilli

Pacari Chilli A chocolate that sits On the tongue it just trickles Out flavour in bits Softens like soft mists On volcanic soil The green of the mint leaves The palate the royal So sensual You just want to wallow … Continue reading


Its land owners who convince The local government that they Really need to get their guns and blow the Roo’s away Murder them and kill them And harvest them their gobs are based on the illusion That there are too … Continue reading

Hunter Zoo somewhere in the bush

They had a regressive attitude A backsliding desire To go out and kill the life force Gods gifts and with the fire Of guns and ammunition Basically lie in wait Or hide somewhere like bandits And kill at such a … Continue reading

Montana,’s precious wolves

The beauty that is Nature Montana’s landscapes they Bring a lump into the throat Of tourists everyday The vastness and the ,wild life All god created sites What is the equilibrium And why we all have rites To come and … Continue reading

The plunderers

The Margiris owned by the Dutch So unfair A super trawler famed for its greed 6 thousand tonnes And each of them bleed Total destruction of so many souls In somebody’s ocean Acting out roles This mammoth digester Grasping its … Continue reading

The Kalahari Bushmen

For 20,000 years They have held precedence Thats a long enough time To realise The Kalahari and all that is within it Its where the Bushmen live And I surmise By now they are a people Wise and wonderful So … Continue reading

Namibia and Botswana

What is clearly wrong with Africa The historicity Gifted wonderful tribes of souls The animals so free The tribesman the Indigenous Its what Africa is about The people and the countryside Really who is in any doubt Politicians where are … Continue reading

Xenotransplantation written 13/10/1996

Xenotransplantation Thats a bleeding long old word But actually what it concerns You’d wished you had never heard Cross species organ transplants By surgeons who purport To be up there with medicine But clearly they are caught Up in works … Continue reading

A mouse worthy of so much more

Written 1/12/1996 You dare to grow a human ear Upon a mouse my friend You call yourself a Scientist Where is it going to end Transgenics is a word you use But much of human thought Has not yet grasped … Continue reading

Dear Mark

Happy birthday dearest Mark Holding hands once we When we were just so very young When our innocence was key that path we shared How joyfully We felt blessed We were sure And today it is your birthday But you … Continue reading

Chateauneaf du Pape

Aldi brought this big red wine To market And we see The Grenache with its high alcohol And spice and raspberry The Syrah full of body A really dark skinned grape Mourvedre a tasty profile The blend a marvellous shape … Continue reading

Blake Barnett HUNTER

Whose a slave The africans And conservation means We go and shoot at animals If its within your means Then call it what you want to call it The trophy is the thing Skip across to Africa And don’t forget … Continue reading

Pacari Rose

High altitudes More daylight Fresh crisp clean pure air Pinchinchi province Grows the roses Long stemmed And to share Those exquisite aromas Redolent all through In a bar of chocolate Its like a dream come true And all the way … Continue reading


Blessed or Fortunate Prosperous too His name in Persian Seemly its true A great handsome Lion The Iranian King The jungle resounds His roar it does bring Thunder bolts crashing Down from the sky That has shattered the spirits And … Continue reading

The san BUSHMEN of the Kalahari

We must never forget the bushmen The kalahari san Gatherers their miracles Of what the gods have done In the inhospitable desert A nation struggles on An upright Indigenous People With the constancy upon Every inch of their lives From … Continue reading

Okavango’s tears are apparent already

Okavango’s wildness hurts Recon Africa Energy skirts The wondrous land of fertile worth Part of what is Gods rich earth Namibia and Botswana they Apparently are prepared to play Ball with Houston And a fracking man Called Ricky Steensberger Who … Continue reading

Tower hill garage KIA Chipperfield, kings langley herts WD49LR

Kia this is a message From a customer of yours About the above garage Worthy of such applause They are a miraculous outfit Civil in every way Its always a joy to go there Anytime of day All the staff … Continue reading

Foxy my friend

Contempt for the law And wild life and more Hatred of foxes Rich toffs who wear Their gear and go riding With trained hounds they share They torture their dogs Starve them and so They run after foxes To eat … Continue reading

Digital hunters the utmost in cowardice

The inevitable is happening In what is a sick and awful world The hunters who I view of with reluctance And unwillingness for where they have been hurled A shuddering loathing need Of murdering animals I grimace, at the thought … Continue reading

Bellman and Pitstone 1996

To you journalists who ply your wares in Lancashire My appeal to you yes its in

6th February 2021

Patience is the red kite Circling above A keen eye on the ground below Acquainted to the Dove In that you are both birds Its true But that is where it ends A poem from my window to the world … Continue reading

Is the sky the limit

Hempearth’s Derek Kesek A visionary who Uses his grey matter By greening it Its true Utterly non toxic Hemp its rightness fits Morality ethicality Is exactly where he sits Give him poetic justice The appropriate he knows well Unswerving and … Continue reading

Zebra are right to murder

Getting close to Nature Really rocks his world Murdering the Zebras Were he feels he’s hurled In amongst the wild life All the dead flesh he Cuts it off the corpses And takes it home for tea. The horns and … Continue reading

Ducks deserve better

Godly creatures So designed Webbed feet They always were aligned to water all of That we know But not the farmers Of foie gras NO Souls are kept In cages standing Hardly adept upright each day And force fed fat … Continue reading


Boring degenerates Such incoherence To truth and humanity Doubletalk they With their weasely words And their cruel expectations Their banging boats Leave Taiji everyday Concealed in their soul urge Untruths and deception Underhand dealings And furtive desire To trap pods … Continue reading

Live exports

Who ever thought up the trade In the living Shipping live cargo In holds far away Imagine the shock and the fear And the awe It pLays with their psyche And weakens their core With the roll of the sea … Continue reading

Shoes and footballs and contempt

Perfection its out there The wild ones who be God given god made Faultless to see These magnificent animals Leaping away Under the hot sun On any day Designed for Australia In every way Their flawless condition To watch their … Continue reading

Running the Bulls

Anger and wrathfulness Dressed up as joy As festival tourism So to employ The innocent nature Of Bulls of the field Vindictive malevolence It tends to build Up in the animals Tortured this way A growling impatience Is on display … Continue reading