Newsweek says TRUMP has got the hump And really wants to see Pigs killed even faster No controls effectively Training he says slaughtering Must be Done as quick as possible And USDA seem to agree It makes no sense Operators … Continue reading


A donkey mangled on the street And speeding rickshaw Trying to cheat Time the passenger Sadly late Lambert into Lolo’s Gentle gait head and necks wounds Lacerations Cuts and bruises Her location on the street A mass of sores She … Continue reading


She lay there Absolutely still Close to death She’d had her fill Of life Out on the streets Of pain Where everything just seemed In vain She was brave That much we saw But was unconscious And what’s more Wounded … Continue reading


Tony came in close to death With Nasty wounds, and pain His face was torn a’sunder And one leg its insane Of seeing so many injuries And feeling for him we Did surgery removing a leg Poor Tony really he … Continue reading


A gentle soul hardworking All his days His owner was of unsound mind With wrathful indignant ways Too many bursts of anger A frightful man was he Gnashing teeth and fury Was often how he be Poor “Veeru” always working … Continue reading


Inherited characteristics That mindful chemistry The Orangutan its innermost True heredity Are Doomed it seems For it happens that Palm oil is the way Plantations are more lucrative That is what they say Allowed the space Allowed the run To … Continue reading


Children were playing The roadside was noisy And there at the foot of a wall Was “Connie” a puppy Injured and still Possibly had a big fall Someone had given her a blanket And there she was laying Asleep The … Continue reading


A street dog That had clearly Gone through wars For he Had lost his leg And had lost an eye But despite that Significantly He was kind of philosophic His expectations high He was mindful and understanding And his powers … Continue reading


Lying in a storm drain Sewage all about Under a ledge close to the road Worthy of a shout A bitch was hit By a motor bike And clearly was in pain Clearly a hip problem Life msg felt In … Continue reading

Roadside curled into a ball

There he lay Hope had left him Deterioration And decline Exhaustion On a downward course He bore every sign Of lack of care Of lack of love Of neglect And agony His solace broke Our hearts that day So we … Continue reading