Tinker lane today

This morning bright and early Two ladies are locked on In front of the I gas gates In their fancy mouton Sheepishly and peacefully With their nativity Of little furry animals Around we all can see When Ian did his … Continue reading

I gas frack pad TINKER Lane North NOTTINGHAM

Yesterday at Tinker Lane The warriors on show Protecting land and air and water As some of you may know Up against the corporations Who have infiltrated and Are set to cause disruption Right across our land The day began … Continue reading

60 seconds via Peta

The evidence is there Before the world our eyes can see The obtuseness and the coarseness And the vulgarity Warped and twisted mindsets Unsound minds now be Under a delusion That this is not real cruelty One must question the … Continue reading

The sickness of the so called fashionable

Clearly a crisis of conscience Exists in this big world today For me incredulity Derision and mockery A sickness exists Actually In Mexico so called designers Clearly their awareness no more Believe it is right to use Insects And go … Continue reading

The old gate

coming upon the old gate Well-used and well worn A portal to a secret garden Made more beautiful by a dawn Sky above so peaceful An Expression Of love and care That Resolutely stands fast In the morning air Harbouring … Continue reading

PNR Fracking

Swearing on the bible Statements under oath Insistent and emphatic Corporate enforcers wroth The frackers think they are Masterful Where theres money To be made Its all to do with the Bowland shale And protectors know they are laid out … Continue reading

Summer solstice

Wiltshire boasts chalk downlands A largely treeless tract A place buzzing with energy And how people react To seeing Stonehenge closeup Rising from the green To assimilate with Nature Which apparently has been A constancy for aeons Its genuineness complete … Continue reading

The orangutans last stand

This was our arena Our rainforest our place Every single tree we knew And we have felt the pace Quickening once silence ruled And now all that we hear Is crashing logging and razing to the ground Those trees most … Continue reading


Adaptability and versatility For me its always been words I hopped the wag from school To sit up in the park and write I never stole the birds eggs Or wanted to fight I never saw the need to kick … Continue reading

Lost Creek Golf

A certain Craig Loving Worked at the above A natural location This kind of job ofcourse he did love One morning he noticed out in the lake An owl was caught up And for the owls sake Decided to free … Continue reading