You can feel the love Its there to see Dont pass me by Please look at me So many humans Want a hound A wolf all sorts But those around Already abandoned Unloved uncared So want a home Want to … Continue reading

Fracking breakthrough

An appeal court have said That the sentences were Frightfully unfair and if you Refer To some other sentences This judge has passed Lorry surfing for freedom It leaves me aghast Banged up in Preston jail Three men who dared … Continue reading

Fracking three

Conditional discharges And they still have their beards At ten minutes past four They were free Over to the grass Away from the gates All of them under a tree BBC, channel 4 soak up the news Roses all around … Continue reading

Fracking release

This is the place Where three angels Were taken Incarcerated And made to feel bad Forfeited freedom For the community Lets not forget Its Cuadrilla who had The nerve to start fracking When we all said NO Polluting our water … Continue reading

The lorry surfers

The three men of courage Cuadrillas karma The three fracking heroes Came through the brown doors Freedom of action And the reaction Great satisfaction And fantastic applause BBC Channel 4 Lots of live streaming Banged up for no reason Surfers … Continue reading

Life and the red ape

The very existence The created realness The essential nature Of all things we know Attested and genuine Concrete and tangible We have this quality As we all grow In the wilds Of the forest Instinctively programmed Inherent in all of … Continue reading

Those poor sheep

Watching those sheep In the slaughterhouse The process that was used The obtuseness of the operatives As they just abused One after another Slamming them down Before cutting their heads Hacking at them And throwing them on the floor These … Continue reading

Preston New Road

Van surfing at tHe Cuadrilla site Stop the start campaign The first Uk Frack of shale gas Is to happen once again Despite all the protests And the council saying NO The tories saw ro overide And thats why three … Continue reading

The ducks

Seeing those birds Against the wall Hiding their faces Its says it all Their aversion And mine too To the foie gras farmer Who is there to do Is damndest really Such antipathy An anthema of hostility Its so forbidding … Continue reading

Shackled and waiting

Life is dolled out freely By whoever and we should Respect it for the gift it is For all of us its good Animal life and human life But We Die too easily We kill ourselves with our diets And … Continue reading