Out of my heart Comes a token of care Of light and of love For those hours that we share Whether walking the dog Or drinking our wine Or eating our cakes For me its divine My Persian Queen We … Continue reading

The Aquaria Trade and the indigenous people of Barcelos

The humic acid content Of the various leaves that fall Into the RIO NEGRO Make the colouration rule Of, strong dark tea colour A blackwater river thus And within this unique river At least 600 plus Fish aome big aome … Continue reading

Adam Shoults

The epitome of an adventurer With a restlessness to feel The art of being vulnerable And tempt providence for real A cartographer who imagined The lines on maps conceal Myriads of wonderment And essentially whats real That visionary approach That … Continue reading


What is not to love About the iconic king and queen indeed AFrica’s amazing souls That really must succeed Africa needs its wonderful Lions And its Lions need Africa They are the very fabric The truest ever star The success … Continue reading

The road

I am not anyone’s Boss DOn’t toss That word at me I am a victim Like you are The key To survival is being The one who evolves The one who appreciates The one who solves So many problems Such … Continue reading

Wild foxes and their place in creation

Back in the 16th Century When royalty like to chop Heads off queens they also Hunted foxes but they did stop Chopping heads off people When they gained far more sense When they became more cultured And not so bloody … Continue reading

In and around the rollright stones

The skyscape is hard not to look at today The rich colouration is there on this May Morning, its Sunday There’s a ritual today For Beltaine and I am here Early to pay My respect to the mother And her … Continue reading

The animals of Australia

Mention Australia and what comes to mind The didgeridoo it makes me unwind A termite hollowed stick with the ingenuity Of Australia’s first people the aboriginie The people of the bushlands Who live sustainably Foraging wild humans Who once were … Continue reading

Beltaine Ritual

A beautiful blue sky presented itself And Rollrights was resplendent in green All was ablaze with the light of Beltaine The dandelion phantoms had been Once glorious carpets of golden But now just were pillows of puff buttercups golden and … Continue reading

Reed Beds

To the outside world, She comes across as a busy body but she Is actually conscientious A true friend generally The Water Rail a handsome little bird Who really cares She struts about and just Shouts out Answering the prayers … Continue reading