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Mendoza Zoo in Argentina

They officially opened This zoo long ago Back before I was born And now some 1300 animals Have to live there torn Out of their natural environment And taken to be there for good But rarely are zoo’s that effective … Continue reading

You don’t care a monkeys for me do you?

Can you feel what I feel? Do you dare to be? Watching from your bleeding tablet? Yea now watching me In this cage I’ve sat here Burning up inside Scuffed and in a load of pain The ZOO here they … Continue reading


Born in Guatamala And sent to El Salvador A 15 year old Hippo Somebody started a war Beat this giant senseless Thrashed him until he died Despite the aggression from street gangs People are mystified Here was the peoples favourite … Continue reading

Your zoo is a prison cell thats all

Evidence of intuition Demonstrating our frustration Our doubtfulness and obscurity Of the human beings reasons to Leave us in these vile enclosures We are not goldfish and what we do Is suspend our judgement for our dilemma Really our fallibility … Continue reading


Roadside zoo’s often abuse Their charges as we know And it comes to mind Now how we find The time to let them show Cubs yes little tiger cubs Stolen from their mums Pulled through the wire meshing This treatment … Continue reading

Zoo’s and their poor victims

Apes are sociable animals They live in the trees all day exercise is what they do That happens to be their way Being forced to remain in Cages or pens appear To really put the wind up them And it’s … Continue reading

Concentration camps are everywhere

What a corporate menace A housing of the poor A collection of victims Spread about the floor They are far from grounded though Many from afar It’s all about endurance And as to where they are In ZOOS a kind … Continue reading

Menominee Park Zoo

Menominee park Zoo Oshkosh wisconsin A worker at the zoo Left a gate to an off limit area left it open And visitors some of them Couldnt wait To go an observe wolves A little closer The negligence Compounded by … Continue reading


Despite the enormous privilege That creation had bestowed Upon this amazing planet A very dangerous road Out of man’s convoluted and inappropriate desire Comes extinction quite untimely And a situation dire As to their authenticity The Zoo’s they lost the … Continue reading

Tigers lament the wenling zoo

They clearly are defeated Despondent, their despair Its a hopeless situation Now just being there Disconsolate and comfortless The horror and the fear Of ignorance and arrogance Altogether clear The tiger has it in him To inflict a fearful hole … Continue reading