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Whose transphobic.?

Topsy turv Extra nervy Back to front And Inside out Transposition Undermining Be inverted Not in doubt Men are women Women are men Its chest feeding Not from the breast Cancelling women From the test I am one man And … Continue reading

Jane Goodall and Stevie Nicks tribute

I speak of two marvellous women Both angels in our world One a spectacular singer And the other a lass Who was hurled Into the heart of Africa One of Leakey’s three Her quest to help the great apes The … Continue reading

A battle Royale

Arrogance and Ignorance A wicked prescriptive test Its all about agenda 30 Really its all dressed Up in trans and misogyny To my mind though we see A curtailing of the populace On a wide scale actually The different Groups … Continue reading

Lyubov Marekhodova

For her reality Presents a world of ice and snow On Lake BaiKal in Siberia Where few people go She is by herself With her animals Miles from others who Live out in this wilderness With little else to view … Continue reading

Wildness in the Ocean

A huge brain in a huge head And devotion in the ocean Families with a massive family tree Who have the notion That mariners of consequence Who sail the salty sea Many fishing blue fin Our food, the food where … Continue reading

Healing women

Healing women Why should they be Looked down upon If it were me A women found with A healing streak Using herbs and potions I would surely seek Out her knowledge For let me say Healing women Compared to today … Continue reading

The cucking stool

To the so called men Or judges who dared Ever to say Healing caring women Should suffer and should pay The obtuseness and stupidity Of men who thought they had The right to torture healers Their aloofness more than sad … Continue reading

Tahlequah (J35)

Human beings out watching us orca’s Appear to be very concerned That much is clear Some hunt us down And ship us away Others on fake book Are crying some say Its great that your interest In us is heartfelt … Continue reading

Patrzalek his guitar

Emotional intelligence Vivaciousness Ebullience The First four notes The fifth the truest symphony Played here Marcini plays guitar His polish roots And from afar The music has an effervescence A female quality Beethoven in his Fifty seven years Of life … Continue reading

Abnormality in the nick of time

Thinking back on him Some of his traits Frightened me He didn’t conform His abnormality A nomad of sorts A mutant as well Defiant and solitary In his own hell I never felt comfortable With him around He was prone … Continue reading

How were we raised And what difference it makes

Cristina Zenato As women go she does Portray the angel logic The caring sharing buzz anyone can see it Can feel it In how she Can give her love and Honour to the sharks All wild and free How the … Continue reading


I can see from the posts upon your page that you favour fairness in this day and age where irreverence and Indifference reigns where poor women suffer enormous pains and animals too they suffer so an lots don’t care and many … Continue reading

Mother Nature

A giver of life The personification of the greatest of mothers that there has ever been To manifest spirit  beyond and above to nurture and care for And just spread the love   the true allocation of every space giving … Continue reading

Mother and babies

A Lioness with three cubs And much TLC They were walking together And are now under a tree In the shade of an African day What is wrong Another lioness comes On a bit strong Could be an auntie One … Continue reading

Someone very special

A mother Works the facets Like no other soul alive Holds a family together Helps everyone survive A spirit and a temperament An amazing frame of mind She studies OBOD Works the garden And can always find A lovely piece … Continue reading


For me it is humiliation A lack of respect and just scorn Aweless and well just unflattering As a women it begins to dawn On me really that his irreverence Certainly Disfavours me It feels like a genuine slap in … Continue reading

Mary Borgstrom

A potter and an Artist A need to excavate A mindful glimpse through history A medieval gait To primitive beginnings The Bygone forgotten days Retroactive thinking And all the many ways She was part of Nature Respecting each event An … Continue reading

Think again huntress!!!

Scotland’s wildness captivates Constant in its rectitude sky scapes unbelievable A living growing interlude Realness actuality Absolute and sure Towering mountains Sparkling streams And forestry galore What is the beating artery Life in all its forms Tangible and considerable The … Continue reading

Women and killing wild animals

There appears a force of argument That women have a right To compete out there with the men People have lost sight Of the sexes I believe The rationality The mother and the carer Charged with femininity The male the … Continue reading

It all happened at salt creek thanks to GUMTREE

The horror film “WOLF CREEK” they had discussed it A very frightening movie And so they two young women Agreed to join up and Travel off to Salt Creek Two hours outside Adelaide That day A wilderness these backpackers On … Continue reading

General disrespect of native women and girls

Apparently it feels to me That native women seem To have always been in jeopardy As long as the people dream The Indigenous women Tragically seem at risk One has to say And in Winnipeg such violence Seems to happen … Continue reading


Of the sea An intelligence Second to none A companion When the day is done Lost on the ocean Ripples and rings We talk to ourselves And we know what that brings Some might say madness But others know It … Continue reading

His curse

Angels are susceptible To the vagaries of those Voracious drooling sons of Disrespect and how it shows Up in night time squalor Wicked as can be Transgressing every honour And integrity Duplicit in their thinking Artful by desire To take … Continue reading

The indigenous women

Its the unnatural tsunami Great waves roll in and they Are smothered by the incitement That can often come their way A cultural confusion A lack of what is real The pre-existing formula That genuine appeal Historical and grounded Familial … Continue reading

Hopes and dreams and genocide

Below the lowest of poverty lines And families all destroyed by war The monetary system dismantled A country that lost all its law Genocide ravaged the whole population At least twenty five per cent killed Pol Pot saw to complete … Continue reading

Akashinga (the brave ones)

They look the part They act the part They are all heart and they Are the women they are the brave ones The Akashinga pay Attention to the animals That some would hunt and kill Uprightness and honesty And integrity … Continue reading


Understanding Of Nature Of soils and of need Seem to go out the window When it comes down to feed The people thats when ofcourse Genetics is played Thats the card of the moment Where profits are laid Fairly and … Continue reading

The mule women

Its a very hard life For these women At Melilla a border town where SPAIN and Morocco are trading But deep in the heat and despair At five am every morning The women queue up and await A pittance for … Continue reading

The forgotten ones

Forgotten children Forgotten by who Forgotten by us Or forgotten by you They came in the daylight My daughter they took Because she was brown With a whitish look SHe was only a baby Tossed into their truck That is … Continue reading

Attacking fracking

Brainwashing our angels Thats not cops jobs The fluorescent army Of community yobs Out to abuse us and intimidate those who Are protecting communities Which is what they do Each on this mortal coil An unspecified time Some paid to … Continue reading