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Elizabeth Cochrane(Nellie Bly)

Courage and commitment to a cause Deep in her heart Clearly it a karmic debt That she had to impart At 18 under a pen name She became Nellie Bly Worked on the New York World Newspaper And she could … Continue reading

From the tarn sprung so many bright petals

India took a hammering Its caste system evolved Across so many lines of prejudice Nothing really solved Sentiment and feeling Intimacy beyond The enchantment and bewitching factor What is the eternal bond The intrigue and perhaps seduction Of the spirit … Continue reading

Women in feudal India

The sitar plucked and pulled Emits the wildest sensuous sound The impulse of emotion The instinct of devotion The pathos of predicament In pulsation i was drowned Truthfulness created in me Intuition to Be responsive and understanding Cordial and true … Continue reading


Women are the oxygen That lungs need to create A voice to all thats wonderful And to signify a trait Of love, through life together Respect and truth for all The Misogynistic parallel That for me we overhaul The intimacy … Continue reading

which way to priestdom

Is it a force of argument Or lateral thought Always at the beginning There were women they were sought Their life force took them closer To the egg and to the soul They had the power of wisdom And the … Continue reading

Women should always be honoured

The nurturing aspects The givers of life This is reality eternal strife A prevalent force In our ancestral guilt They must always endure And through it all never wilt Their makeup so different Their chromosomes do Unfold and develop A … Continue reading

Girl on fire

Girl on fire She will aspire Tempered like a Yule tide fire Affectivity Emotionally A fervour That can never tire Unctuous Soulful Breathless Watchful She’s ablaze With every quality And in her eyes Feelings of jollity For possibly a new … Continue reading

He was stronger

A picture I saw on the internet called the broken mirror These words came to my mind. He punched me He shouted If I had doubted My eye blackened quickly My cheek bone was split He spat at me Thats … Continue reading

A lady

Silence softens silkiness suggestive Of the light That shines forth like a wondrous orb Tnat picks up in the night A wildness and impressiveness A vision a display A countenance that favours Her demeanour and her way Perception and a … Continue reading

The band of mercy

The nurturing qualities women possess Made them more able to readdress The cruelty suffered by animals who In years gone by their neglect was so true In the late eighties 5 women agreed To a coming together with a will … Continue reading