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An Emu in Spain To me its insane It came from the outback So far away Ends up in spain in some Animal park And escapes And is run down By the police Yes they mark Out their place To … Continue reading


Each toff Is off Their rocker Killing birds for sport Murdering in cold blood Without a single thought They really do not get a chance Its a firing range thats all It helps release frustration But for me it does … Continue reading

Murdering wildlife for the toffs

They see it like Farmed animals All of them raised to kill For meat The flesh trade Is lucrative Where The big boys get to spill A fortune And they lobby hard And grey suits Can but hear So the … Continue reading

The little yellow hammer’s message after BREXIT

A yellow hammer just a little bird From long ago Nature created its refrain Its song we all loved so Flitting across wide habitats Into landscapes where Every little bunting Just cast away despair Poets from a former time Noted … Continue reading

Larsen traps

The sickness The suffering The sophistry Of the Larsen The trap we all know Denmark has banned Fir the fires Were all fanned But here gamekeepers Are making their stand With the RSPB Not the “knucklehead”public All bird lovers say … Continue reading

Otherworld prophecies 57 and 58

Iceland dips into the Occult, I am thinking She makes her decision To hunt the great whale Those now endangered fin And the hybrid The blue and the minke Comes the following tale Its surfacing out there Such beautiful creatures … Continue reading

Licence to kill RAVENS

Murdering our wildlife Is not the thing to do RAvens have a valid place Creation says thats true Pandering to the gamekeepers And farmers and the rest By giving out shooting licences Is ignorance at best. Its not a balanced … Continue reading

Muritz through the seasons

The embodiment of all you ever saw Or wish to see The backbone and the marrow and the core Is adequately Provided by our mother the creator Essentially Great forests lakes and rivers And wild life good and free Muritz … Continue reading

Wild birds of Australia

Great swatches of colour Lighten each day With so much intensity And lustrous display The greatest of artists The world ever knew Has created feathers Of every hue Meteor flashes, flickering lights PolorIzation and all at the heights Of imagination … Continue reading


In 1832 some bloke called Wagler saw one of my ancestors Flying high He was taken by its purest splendour so magickal And Mythical, and why Because it was a nymph Not plain nor simple The feathered fey and other … Continue reading