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The bad and the ugly

Bashing Sea Shepherd A pastime i hear They are the enemy That does seem clear This viking clan These islanders who Live off the land As best they can do Sheep are just everywhere Free ranging stocks They go where … Continue reading


Assange is no criminal His courage reigns In the face of our enemy Fearlessness gains An audacious boldness A knight if you will Who combats the evil With the ultimate skill Against intimidation The ashen faced might Give up the … Continue reading

I have got the needle

Survival The bedrock of life on this earth We began as immortal It was, eternal worth We were fresh and alive Standing there on our own Naked as nature intended Alone We looked up at the sun Felt the warmth … Continue reading

VAXI nation

The absurdity of using lethal substances In vaccinations primed to safeguard those Likely to be struck down by bouts of the dreaded lurgi Its The vagaries of Government, I suppose And Mandatory the new kid on the health block Heavy … Continue reading


Its like standing on top of a precipice And leaping into the sky You do not know, where you will end up But it could be you will die That takes unbelievable courage And self-reliance too To put a bold … Continue reading

Edward Snowdon traitor or no NOT

You didn’t, betray anyone The public let themselves Down in the face of government Who really went to town Edward Snowdon you are our hero The Nobel prize should be Handed to you on a plate Despite the controversy As … Continue reading

Genetic manipulation is it the inevitable journey

Its really most unsettling to live our lives today why was it inevitable that power might take away what was just our basic right to live at freedoms door and not be bothered by the rats coming to explore its … Continue reading

Sibel Edmond’s Whistleblower from another dimension

What gives people strength that kind of inner strong mentality to blow the whistle on some Government System for this magically is bound to change just anybody’s life it seems to me and could impact in every way with negativity … Continue reading