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When you Decapitate an angel I know where you will end up

Nothing but douchebags thats all they are To do to an angel a whale and a star A whole pod of pilots struck down and all lost Their heads torn a’sunder and what is the cost Ill omened and ominous … Continue reading

When it comes to knowledge and communication the Inuit remain part of it all

Dream worlds comes from far way The eternal life force day to day Whatever tribe inhabits earth Each communicates with avid worth Some imagine they have reached A higher echelon and have breached Consciousness and out beyond Wherever but Do … Continue reading

Intellect and the Sperm Whales

The Black Cod or the Sable Fish Is supposedly real good Fisherman use long lines Baited as they should 5 miles of line dropped overboard To reach the bottom they Wait for bites then haul them up Which hopefully does … Continue reading

The Norns and the Faroe islanders

“What once was” “What is coming into being” And “What should be” The norns mythology tells The Norseman the spirit For me it just yells Across the great islands The bluest of sea Where fulmar still fly And the pilots … Continue reading

Pilot whale killers

790-1066 the viking were abroad And now the new age variety Bring us our reward Slaughter and decapitation Murderingly their spree They call the grindap Its no real scrap From the sea Angels the true pilot whales All these precious … Continue reading

Faroes grindarap

A pod suffers immeasurably A waking nightmare for All the various family members Entering deaths door Care of the faroese viking yobs Whose disagreeableness Who maltreat and who victimize And cause our babies stress Our threshold is egregious Stabbing and … Continue reading

Faroes 2017

This year has been a disaster For the slayings of the sea 1203 pilot whales and dolphins Formerly Who swam around these islands Some 488 Were slaughtered in a bloodbath Which is bound to infuriate These people are not starving … Continue reading


Fulmar a wild bird out on the wing Scooped put of the sea That will try to bring Its oily vomit quickly into play It stinks really terribly But its a way Of warding off predators But not the men … Continue reading


Protestors mostly vegan shout out loud and clear We hate the fact that pilot whales are murdered around here There is no need to plunder the seas of their rich wealth Thats no excuse for the abuse and its not … Continue reading

Faroe speak

I have watched and heard their vitriol Their wickedness and know The pods are entirely innocent Murdered in the flow By a bunch of sinful islanders Who farm salmon and catch birds Steeped in the iniquity And really lost for … Continue reading