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Their intelligence formidable Their capacity maybe Enlightened by the ocean And their perspicacity If I stop and think why strandings In estuaries and elsewhere And In shallow bays why they happen Are they Sharing their despair In the Faroes all … Continue reading

Norway and the minke whales

Apparently Norway is having a bad time Flogging its whale everywhere Heavily subsidized costing a fortune And unquesionably cruel The despair Is clear to be seen From the masses Nobody really is keen But that doesnt stop them from killing … Continue reading

Iceland 80 & 81 (permission granted to kill 191 fin whales this year)

Iceland is proving beyond any doubt Really what hunting these whales is about There isnt a market for whale meat we see FIn Whales are not eaten and so they be Scapegoats for Hvalur’s nationalistic regard Its an abberation and … Continue reading

ICELAND its nationalistic objections to stop the whaling

Freedom of action A maxim they say Self-determination For them its the way Uncontrolled and uninfluenced Unbowed they will pay Whatever it costs At the end of the day To continue the fight To take minke and fin And humpback … Continue reading

ICELAND 77 78 and 79

Three endangered fin whales Were this morning gleefully Swimming in their freedom In the cold Atlantic sea A realness undeniably Attested and so sure Enduring all life threw at them And a great deal more Each part of the angelic … Continue reading

The elephant and the other great beasts and a special thought for iceland 76

From wildness and abundance In the wilderness of cause Ancestral shadows flourish And to some a diapause A wistful inclination Of the enemy abroad Whose arrogance and ignorance We battle to afford As size goes we are Truly a dominating … Continue reading

Tahlequah J35

Instinctively Whale mothers Love their offspring so They have such understanding Responsive to the flow Effusiveness and empathy They hold in high regard And when an infant dies alas A mother then will guard Her infant she will keep him … Continue reading


Despite the tears Despite our fears Despite the pain we feel Iceland keeps its relentless Murdering spree Its very real A millionaire Who is so aware Decided he would kill Endangered fin whales Because he could Their blood he wants … Continue reading

Iceland 66 and 67

There is no remorse or compunction Nor commiseration they Were yesterday creations gift And sadly the dismay Most feel at now seeing On the roof of this whale shed Iceland gave permission And all these whales are dead Sixty six … Continue reading


Its happening every week now As Iceland struts its stuff Beautiful endangered fin whales Really enough’s enough Ruthless and just merciless Its the worst intentions they. Snub the rest of the world infact For Death they say does pay Japan’s … Continue reading