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There are no excuses

There can be no excuses For The hatred and the pain The innocent regarded As cannon fodder plain and simple In onlookers eyes Attrition on a scale Beyond what is offensive And guaranteed to fail A wonderful assemblage Of neutrality … Continue reading


The Ocean was vibrant with innocent souls All swimming merrily Each in their roles Mothers with babies fathers with sons Uncles and Aunties And grand parents Who heard the guns the cacophony the melee The chaos the scream As boats … Continue reading

Pirate whaling

Japan has told the IWC That they can go to Hell Whaling is their culture And tradition And they sell Whale meat to their people Who clamour for it they Love the whale fluke sushi And eat it come what … Continue reading

Dumping grounds

For eight years at least It’s been happening Quietly I believe The FAROE Island butchers Hoping to deceive Anybody really Who they don’t want to know How carcasses from the pilot whales They murder Grow and grow underneath the Sea … Continue reading

The bad and the ugly

Bashing Sea Shepherd A pastime i hear They are the enemy That does seem clear This viking clan These islanders who Live off the land As best they can do Sheep are just everywhere Free ranging stocks They go where … Continue reading

The poacher class

Unhinged just true transgression An intrusion one might say To pass the point of no return On any given day Quester seeker tracker Filching thievery Purloin maraud and plunder To a larcenous degree Contrary to reason Irrational and wrong Incongruous … Continue reading

“Cyril”and the other Belugas and Orcas

Wild Orca’s Are an ocean going mammal An intellect much more advanced Than those Captors in the commercial world of slavery Who stole them from their pods As the world knows 80 beautiful Beluga’s And eleven Killer Whales Suffering immeasurably … Continue reading

Iceland 22

The blue the sleek the beautiful A hybrid was their cry Half blue half fin What I ask Really truthfully why Any whale should be flensed and packed In ice until Japan Calls off its vatious orders which is how … Continue reading

Iceland 145 and 146

Under cover of darkness The autumn moon Declares an interest That is coming soon The head of the fin On its bounteous flight To breathe in the air That it feels is now right That will create a willingness To … Continue reading

Faroes 21/9

the grind presents a massacre Of innocence over evil Creation must be stomping Around wondering now how This battlefield of coastal climes Clearly regressed to Earlier times When medieval warriors Pillaged raped and spilled With what is amorality Marched into … Continue reading

Iceland “hard to Port”

Hard to port A sea of blue Of slate A silent world On view Of towing back graceful sleek Dead whales Lost to the world One of the fails At their peek Yet out of time For the whalers Know … Continue reading

Iceland 143 and and 144 second poem

Music playing on the dock Music while they flense Puddles all about the dock Clearly the men are dense Clearly they lack respect for life Butchers of the sea Fancy getting paid for flensing flesh It sickens me They know … Continue reading

Iceland 143 and 144

The Hvalur 8 is docking Theres no let up for the whales The beautiful endangered fin Dragging their sinewy trails How perfectly onjectionable To treat them in this way Iceland lacks respect For living creatures And they say We shall … Continue reading

Iceland 140 and Iceland 3 more babies torn from their mother

With the sun coming out And yonder the sea Slate grey on this day Where the whale once so free Swam across oceans and ended up here In Icelandic waters where Clearly the fear Is manifest everywhere Endangered whales Are … Continue reading

Iceland 141 and 142

Another great soul lies quietly On the floor of the icelandic dock Where loftsson’s butchers are working Flensing away such a shock These beautiful whales were just swimming In the cold water and they Need the breath of the masters … Continue reading


There is no voice of conscience That can reach into these crooks No shame or remorse Just aggression and force Unregretting and obdurate Unblushingly they Murder in cold blood The catch of the day They are no saints only sinners … Continue reading

Iceland no 139

eyes watering I pen a rhyme This one really breaks through time A hugely pregnant female she Is dragged to the frensing dock to be Dismembered but before all that They are taking pictures For where she is at Total … Continue reading

Iceland 137 and 138

The flensers are out on the dock In the darkness flood lights switched on For the sake of the crew We thought it was over But loftsson the rover The whaler the sailor Knows what he must do Slaughter and … Continue reading


So the great whaling station And the happy employees Are clearly an angry mob Waiting to burst And what we saw yesterday was one of them Picked up a rifle And showed us all how he was cursed Firing live … Continue reading

Iceland 135 and 136

Both have been flenced of their bodily mass These two handsome souls By the whalers so crass As can be with their murdering Explosive harpoons And as they were flencing They played loudly tunes Invoking the norse god ODIN and … Continue reading

Iceland 133 and 134

Today again its carnage Its terror all the way Two more beautiful fin whales Have been made to pay Just to share the wondrous breath The harpoon charges them And death Follows not so rapidly An ugly blackness comes to … Continue reading

Iceland 17 babies

Living in the darkness Inside their mothers they The baby whales Are being cared for Really night and day Their unpreparedness Wanting Unlicked and deep inside And when their mother Needs that breath There is no place to hide The … Continue reading

Iceland 3 and 4

When Sea Shepherd sunk Two of the ships 6 and 7 they You might have thought Would get the message But sadly not In sway They carried on regardless With 8 and 9 And they are killing over 190 That … Continue reading

Iceland 1 and 2

I can sadly see him now On his father boat 13 years old As pleased as punch Thats what someone wrote The new season has started The first two victims killed And slung across the Hvalur ship Their blood being … Continue reading

Iceland 131 and 132

“Whale”9 is back With 131 and 132 They killed These beautiful Endangered souls Their precious blood they spilled Out into the ocean This supremely sensitive beast To be dragged back to the flensing docks And at some time be a … Continue reading

Iceland 130 and 131

We plunder creation As Iceland the nation And ofcourse our salvation To slaughter and kill The great norse god message The evil apparent Loftsson in tow As the fin whales blood spill This is the thinking Of Iceland its people … Continue reading

Murdering scumbags

Butchers and flensers Thats all they are Neanderthal yobbos Their Open abattoir A blood bath where innocents Whole family trees Are driven and striven In blood up to their knees The beaches of crimson Of sinew and gut A fetus … Continue reading

Iceland 126 and 127

The poor old fin whales are going through The icelandic mangle they Are getting their heads blown to bits And people are away With the birds to even imagine That facebook words and vids Are going to make a difference … Continue reading

Iceland 128 and 129

More fin whales for the chop No more swimming in the sea Flense them until they are carnage Icelands sophistry Illogicality its oozing from them They are watching whales and earning And then killing them each day Contrary to reason … Continue reading

Iceland 124 and 125

A throwback from his neolithic forbears Primitives they needed These proud whales Their flesh their blubber Needed it for their half starved Guts but now This Loftsson character Ofcourse He fails Miserably to make His case for killing All these … Continue reading