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Iceland 140 and Iceland 3 more babies torn from their mother

With the sun coming out And yonder the sea Slate grey on this day Where the whale once so free Swam across oceans and ended up here In Icelandic waters where Clearly the fear Is manifest everywhere Endangered whales Are … Continue reading

Iceland 141 and 142

Another great soul lies quietly On the floor of the icelandic dock Where loftsson’s butchers are working Flensing away such a shock These beautiful whales were just swimming In the cold water and they Need the breath of the masters … Continue reading


There is no voice of conscience That can reach into these crooks No shame or remorse Just aggression and force Unregretting and obdurate Unblushingly they Murder in cold blood The catch of the day They are no saints only sinners … Continue reading

Iceland no 139

eyes watering I pen a rhyme This one really breaks through time A hugely pregnant female she Is dragged to the frensing dock to be Dismembered but before all that They are taking pictures For where she is at Total … Continue reading

Iceland 137 and 138

The flensers are out on the dock In the darkness flood lights switched on For the sake of the crew We thought it was over But loftsson the rover The whaler the sailor Knows what he must do Slaughter and … Continue reading


So the great whaling station And the happy employees Are clearly an angry mob Waiting to burst And what we saw yesterday was one of them Picked up a rifle And showed us all how he was cursed Firing live … Continue reading

Iceland 135 and 136

Both have been flenced of their bodily mass These two handsome souls By the whalers so crass As can be with their murdering Explosive harpoons And as they were flencing They played loudly tunes Invoking the norse god ODIN and … Continue reading

Iceland 133 and 134

Today again its carnage Its terror all the way Two more beautiful fin whales Have been made to pay Just to share the wondrous breath The harpoon charges them And death Follows not so rapidly An ugly blackness comes to … Continue reading

Iceland 17 babies

Living in the darkness Inside their mothers they The baby whales Are being cared for Really night and day Their unpreparedness Wanting Unlicked and deep inside And when their mother Needs that breath There is no place to hide The … Continue reading

Iceland 3 and 4

When Sea Shepherd sunk Two of the ships 6 and 7 they You might have thought Would get the message But sadly not In sway They carried on regardless With 8 and 9 And they are killing over 190 That … Continue reading