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Imagine it its an hour or two yea infact beyond Noon that is on Christmas Day Where everyone is fond Of eating a roasted bird That wanted to live , but we Decided it was time to leave this mortal … Continue reading


Free range and battery Thats who we are Wild as the wind Or penned up real far From the nearest farmyard Over the hill Down by the lake Its there where they kill The turkeys the geese the chickens The … Continue reading

The solstice animals

The indigenous peoples Have always known And respected the souls That they have sown In the earth to enrich their soil To create new life And enrich the oil Their toil accepted Their flesh devoured Their skins became Clothes that … Continue reading


Already its completely out of hand For the corporates run the show With contempt for human beings So the animals they know They Feel it in their marrow Each sinew of their soul “Tilly” who was born into this unbearable … Continue reading

Living in a vacuum 2

Headphones on and off we go Our breathing changes as we know Boys and girls came out to play Pans let’s watch them as they are blown away The I pads feed them visually The sound track proves you can’t … Continue reading

Corporate profits voluntary margin reduction

It’s very very risky Long term for all who do Consume meat and it’s imperative And far and away not new It’s ever since the corporates Have muscled in on trade The super stores and the CAFO’s They all started … Continue reading

Was it all worth it

What’s left Of our lovely friend That handsome feathered soul That didn’t have a chance of life Not even a role In his own humanity He was selfless and detached And just because of Christmas Of course he’s been dispatched … Continue reading

Even at Easter we cannot escape your cruelty

I am one of those little chicks all fluffy and yellow that’s me I kind of chirp a bit its true for just born I’m so ¬†happy the problem is a that I’m a boy and boys do not lay … Continue reading

The Turkeys and the Moon

The world has got a problem and its everywhere these days how to make a profit and a business now that pays the superstores are dinosaurs massive buyers who likely want the cheapest price and will rip it out of … Continue reading

Everywhere the females of the species get a raw deal

it really has to get to you what we as farmers do 25,000 female Turkeys in 5 sheds there’s the clue they are there to lay eggs and every egg they lay will become a turkey and that is how … Continue reading