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American Forests

American forests Cathedrals of soul Verdent resplendant Each takes on its role To a timeless permanence The bloom of the now These long standing sentinels Showing us how With their myriad web forms Their communication Beneath the litter We find … Continue reading


Short lived infact in the philosophy Of existence one might say Undeniably its beautiful In a truly peaceful way An individuality loving the water so In essence its long sweeping branches Where cool waters flow The sort of constitution A … Continue reading

ALDER The tree of the now

Creation presents its realization Its sum and its substance Its perpetual relation History really the bedrock of soul The fundamentals that gave each their role The essential nature The enduring tree The forest the grove Where I to be In … Continue reading

Fear of the forest

Fear man fear Of the forest woodland It moves it clambers Its everywhere Ancient wildness Can you feel it The energy It wants to share Dangling strangling tangling Branches softwoods hardwoods Made aware Renewal its really now the lifes blood … Continue reading

The ASh Tree

Fraxinus Excelsior Which sounds a grand intro Derived From the olive family And, can this tree grow Up to sixty feet Way up into the sky Its branches sweeping backwards And no viper will ever lie Close around or near … Continue reading


The Rowan is a faerie tree An ancient sacred soul Its seems it originated From ambrosia the goal Of the goddess Hebe In Her magickal chalice She Lost a cup to the demons And charged her eagle To get it … Continue reading

Anon the tree of life

Getting together Slowly over time A gathering we Formed a grove of deciduous friends A forest for the free Expression of the lot of us A community let’s say Incorporating dwarf and tall In a truely natural way Each one … Continue reading

Hawthorn diviner of water

A thorny disposition An attitude of mind A phenomenal creation Where lovers might unwind A quintessential hedge of Such significance for all A provider of such wealth For feral souls when they Do call Thankful to its feathered friends For … Continue reading

WIllow wonderment

From a twig a simple twig I fell to earth And I could feel The life force It excited me That I could be A Willow Tree In essence absolutely Tangible was I The sap drawn from the River’s edge … Continue reading

Will in the face of many obstacles

A singular mind Ungrudgingly so Who on his own initiative Thought he could grow A forest Where there was no forest For he Knew the power and the need Of the growing tree Majuli the biggest river island The world … Continue reading