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Gin traps gin from engine The rabbit traps of old Made by the village blacksmith Till the forges had them sold BAnned outright in England And Wales and Scotland too Mostly made of steel And lethal through and through Ecologically … Continue reading


Trappers who hide their contraptions In the wild forests of time And just walk away just leaving them there Creating that life of such crime Within your vile stagnant bodies The sludge and the evil now pours It won’t be … Continue reading

Trappers a family on their way to HELL

Thunderbay Ontario out in the bush they be Trapping wild souls from set traps Their dad put in a tree 40 traps in all are placed Indiscriminate disregard For Nature for the family And just how bloody hard It is … Continue reading

A spiritual tale

A tiny little mouse has found A chunk of cheese There on the ground Made of cows milk possibly So not mouse food It’s plain to see But it’s been left there By human kind It’s what they eat And … Continue reading

Glue traps

Glue traps A cowardly lingering death Only a man could create such hell And wait until their breath Has petered out through panic Has broken down through pain Has stopped of course through heart ache To never beat again A … Continue reading

The Trapper

They talk of death so casually and eye  the first wolf  they see  he’s standing up but clearly he’s  in pain it seemed to me     by the time the trapper got to him he was laying on his … Continue reading

A Trappers Epiphany

The iranians are coming to their senses in Kurdistan  the folly of their ways they realize that killing was so final a selfish sense of self interest to be with them all their days   to haunt their every thought … Continue reading

2 Lions

2 more Lions  are  dead both lost to snares contrived interceptions the effect of them scares   the living daylights out of me most of the time which results in a way that I now have to climb   back … Continue reading

Man un kind

Man invented the cage and invented the snare so many cruel contraptions are there because man what’s the word Mankind no way man un kind that’s the word I’d use today imagine the mind of some engineer who thinks up … Continue reading

A trapper

Its hard to imagine humans who dare to take on creation who seem so aware of life but who disregard it just to feel a high or a sort day to day they conceal this insanity that is clearly their … Continue reading