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Time is a shared value item And giving one’s time as some do Standing outside of Canada Goose Showing off just what they do Murdering mammals magnificence A badness of ungodly guilt Basically degenerate traders Its one where their business … Continue reading

Poaching on the high seas

We all live on this amazing planet With oceans that present Seventy one per cent of what we have here And we have spent A lot of man years ruining The land mass and the sky And ruining the oceans … Continue reading

Long line fishing few prophets its all about profit

Biological Conservation And commercial fishing sees Conflict and improbity And what is dishonesty The Sea Birds like the Albatross Endangered and At risk Are being slaughtered daily In the killing fields Death’s brisk Out there on the ocean Its perilous, … Continue reading

Fishing aggregate devices or FADS

“Siso” was a Sperm Whale Who died a while ago trappe inside a Spadera A swordfish net we know Being worked illicitly Taking out the will Of artisanal fishing As so many fish they kill Its very rough and ready … Continue reading

Trophy hunting instructor

Exposing trophy hunting Someone has to try They are not human beings Nor monsters they rely On social media stories As glories come and go Trapping the wild animals Its not dominance you know Parents letting children learn From these … Continue reading

Montana and its menfolk

Lack of respect for the wild ones Irreverence for sure Leaving contraptions around the place Surprise tactics for sure Torturing suffering bleeding Disdainful in so many ways What they do in Montana Honestly it plays Into their lack of principle … Continue reading

Nordstrom across all its lines

Compunction and compassion Are an order of the day Benevolence and gentleness Creates a bright new ray Of optimism true charity Of feeling from the heart And for fashion stores to adopt This strategy is a good start Down the … Continue reading

Muscle bound

A muscle bound thicko A trapper invests In telling the world On the front of his chest That he is a trapper Resigned it appears To Ambush wild cats And drive up their fears Bereft of All reasoning Cynically Cowering … Continue reading

No love of the trapper man

Outdoorsman call them what you will In the U S they Believe they have refined techniques To blow the wolves away They know they are highly intelligent Much more so than a dog They are quick to figure out the … Continue reading


Ensnaring and trapping I hear is on the rise The pandemic has got people Who realise With the drop off in tourism Locals agree They need to go hunting And trap constantly It is very easy These days to procure … Continue reading

Poor coyote

When a coyote inadvertently Gets caught up in a trap It becomes a waking nightmare Such misery such crap Heaving hoping somehow Trying to get free Hoping it is possible Before she comes for me That trapper Bridget Wilcox Uneasy … Continue reading

No concept of wrongness

A baseball bat So pitiless So heartless Not a thought No concept of forgiving Or living just the sport Of killing So intolerant Relentless to a tee His vacant eyes His woeful size Morose misanthropy Spiteful child Toward the wild … Continue reading

Face to face

The inevitable The face to face encounter A victim feels the peril The victors wearing fur He’ s inherited the vilest Characteristics Working for fur companies Who were Always in the market For the finest furs available Wildness is the … Continue reading

The Alaska Story a true story

A forest of Spruce and Hemlock Lay behind me Break up on its way through The snow gray Hard packed with the sun About emerging And there in front of me A wolf did lay In one of George’s traps … Continue reading

They walk in our midst

Theres and unsightly hideousness Sharing our spaces Their countenance countrified Forbidding faces Land owners farmers Bumpkins maybe The rustic the caustic Bloodlusting they be Throwbacks to an age Medieval before People took heed of the ways Of the law Respect … Continue reading

Trapping and Penning Coyotes and Foxes

We often hear of China and how immoral they be But let me tell you America Takes some beating tragically Many states in the south west Are guilty really so Of barbarism on a scale That most of you dont … Continue reading

Wolves and coyotes

Wild wyoming Get the snowmobile Chase down the wild ones you have the right To torment to torture And ofcourse yes to pursue Wolves and coyotes chase them crazy Till they fall just run them down In cold blood then … Continue reading

Bob cat plucked from life by a complete shit

A total lack of true respect And irreverence for life Leaving a trap in a wooded vale Creating enormous strife To a bobcat a beautiful being As wild as the wind up above And a parent with children From Wisconsin … Continue reading

Trapper women

Look at her Hideous wretch that she is Her gracelessness honestly She is the biz A hunter and poacher a trapper A slut An odious creature As dull as a nut And look what she left A trap for to … Continue reading


How many wild foxes Fall foul to these snares These cruel torture chambers Badgers and Hares Other wild creatures no doubt Fight for breath And so very slowly Die an agonising death Under the branches In bracken somewhere They lie … Continue reading

These evil traps

Traps and snares are everywhere The evil set them they are after killing wild life Foxes mainly pay A price that few may witness The torturing method used A dying vixen possibly Terribly abused In this case It was a … Continue reading

The COYOTE and Canada Goose

Canada Goose A company that doesnt think enough It knows about its balance sheet And, sometimes things get tough But as to the wild creatures That live and share the earth These companies are too miserly They do see their … Continue reading


Nets of nylon Hooks of steel Exploding harpoons All for real Dredged and trawled Caught on long lines Can none of you now see the signs? Beaching Its teaching Its beseeching The screeching The bleaching of corals The death the … Continue reading


Gin traps gin from engine The rabbit traps of old Made by the village blacksmith Till the forges had them sold BAnned outright in England And Wales and Scotland too Mostly made of steel And lethal through and through Ecologically … Continue reading


Trappers who hide their contraptions In the wild forests of time And just walk away just leaving them there Creating that life of such crime Within your vile stagnant bodies The sludge and the evil now pours It won’t be … Continue reading

Trappers a family on their way to HELL

Thunderbay Ontario out in the bush they be Trapping wild souls from set traps Their dad put in a tree 40 traps in all are placed Indiscriminate disregard For Nature for the family And just how bloody hard It is … Continue reading

A spiritual tale

A tiny little mouse has found A chunk of cheese There on the ground Made of cows milk possibly So not mouse food It’s plain to see But it’s been left there By human kind It’s what they eat And … Continue reading

Glue traps

Glue traps A cowardly lingering death Only a man could create such hell And wait until their breath Has petered out through panic Has broken down through pain Has stopped of course through heart ache To never beat again A … Continue reading

The Trapper

They talk of death so casually and eye  the first wolf  they see  he’s standing up but clearly he’s  in pain it seemed to me     by the time the trapper got to him he was laying on his … Continue reading

A Trappers Epiphany

The iranians are coming to their senses in Kurdistan  the folly of their ways they realize that killing was so final a selfish sense of self interest to be with them all their days   to haunt their every thought … Continue reading