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London Bridge

Severe threats were imminent According to MRS May Downplayed from the critical Flowers and candles play Out upon the streets Of Manchester and to Threats were clearly ominously Challenging all through There is hatred and malignancy Some now vent their … Continue reading

Poor baby

WAR is raw It’s profit based Rich sods The gods of now She is breathing She is still alive But one might now ask how? A baby doesn’t know she is Syrian Just that she is a soul Lying in … Continue reading


The real story of war Played out every single day In Syria where sanctions Are biting The array of course is truly awful And propaganda steals The honesty and empathy That all of that conceals Being out in Syria Reporting … Continue reading


Where is the joy Yesterday I Lived to the full I on a high In the old city Where dreams came to be The spirit of yester year Came down on me Not far from the border No weirder sound … Continue reading

Syria Today

Like broken dolls they lay there in the sunshine bloodied lost forever shot to death these are little children who had a marvellous future instead they are now without life or breath boys and girls wrapped up in gore and … Continue reading