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Blue dress saga 21

It’s really very sad for us    for all of us agree human beings get all het up  with us apparently   its not as if we are dangerous  we actually do them good we get rid of the nasty … Continue reading


To the instinctive weaver I pledge my heart and soul Designer and creator Whose silks suggest a role Scaffoldings of tensile strength Suggestions of a way Perhaps to attract the opposite sex To follow and to play Attached along this … Continue reading

The jumping spider

THe Australian jumping spider No bigger than a grain of rice Gets stoked up and thinks he is ready To meet a lady if she’s nice Life for him is precious But his liason here Its all together different For … Continue reading

A spider’s lament

As warriors we tango physical and proud Coexisting really, with the human crowd A considerable devotion A tangible desire Pithy meaty meaningful An entity on fire It took a lot of expertise To climb into that hole Through a million … Continue reading


Existence for them Has miraculously Created a world Whose historicity Is one that no matter How tiny they be They frighten the humans But how can that be? Air breathing arthropods Silk weaving souls With 4 pairs of eyes Who … Continue reading