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Loro parque( Parrot park)

It might have started off as an experiment A vast zoo complex bigger than before Basically housing 4000 parrots Dolphins Penguins Orca’s Sharks and more And all of this on some 33 acres On Tenerife the Canary Islands where A … Continue reading

Think man unkind

The muck you now dispose of In the oceans where we live The heavy metals the radiation The excrement you give So freely of the crude oil Your plastics and your vile Chemicals so potent And your noise How you … Continue reading

To the seal pup crushing laggards

To the seal pup crushing bastards Paid a pittance for their crime Beating the life out of infants Well before their time Canada and Namibia governments should be Frightened for those allowing this One day they will see A giant … Continue reading

Japan leave the sea lions alone

They live pack fish out in the pacific Alaska sometimes is a feeding ground off the islands in Japan often its the plan to kill these endangered animals and put their meat around Hokkaido is the place that they do … Continue reading