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Gugu and Impy and the Thula Thula Rhino Orphanage

A orphanage was raided By two armed men And they raped a women Killed two baby Rhino’s On that day Gugu died immediately IMpy sadly he Had to then be euthanised Which was tragically The worse thing that could Have … Continue reading


COnsisting of just keratin and calcium The horn creation gave to Rhino’s Tragically It is sawn Off by ignorant poachers Who destroy the animals face And often leave the calf behind to die A human race To realise their contract … Continue reading


The absolute venality The lack of conscience, we What is the unscrupulousness Utter obliquity Criminal gangs Are at it Syndicates out there In Vietnam and China And fhe spoils they all now share The good for nothing roguery Scoundrels everywhere … Continue reading

Thandi and Themba

The absoluteness of existence In their presence one can feel All the potentiality And what it does reveal To the heart to the human spirit To those who love them so The positive and historicity Intrinsically we know They truly … Continue reading

The fate of the Rangers

The improbity of poaching Where No conscience exists It’s corruption and venality It’s all about their fists Their ugly hearts And non existent souls For that’s their base Poaching rhino horns And elephant ivory The case Against these so called … Continue reading

Naïveté is never a strong point

How naive men are With their diets poor Rather than eat well They want to score They like to imagine They are kings in bed When reality kicks in More of them are dead From the waist down Almost to … Continue reading

Nose horn

An odd toed ungulate which we happen to see Is as ancient as anything living can be Large megafauna and heavy as hell Thick collagen skin that protects them real well No teeth to speak Of only big lips But … Continue reading

Corey Knowlton

The argument of shooting old male animals The destruction of creation so that some The rich unhinged brigade the psychopaths by trade The brain dead sicko’s clearly very numb Hearts have basically hardened and are ready To give up fucking … Continue reading


Bingo perished He was lost His path to heaven Became a cost Sibuya cries She cries so much That certain humans Fail to touch Their hearts And souls This wizened lot They walk the darkly path They are not Of … Continue reading

Sibuya laments its losses

Is there a chain of reasoning For kindred spirits to Tune into their suffering Its lamentable and true Apposite and pertinent A connection let us say An alliance and a linkage Into why they have to pay Pachyderms the essence … Continue reading