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Courage of a single handed ranger

At the end of the year A Kruger Ranger One man so clearly on form Single handedly captured 5 armed poachers And took them apart Like a storm Stoutness of heart His bravery clear The men were arrested It’s then … Continue reading

RHINO HORN and the flaccid Penis syndrome

Purchasers of Rhino horn Goodness knows when they were born So gullible, all taken in So ready to offer up their chin Their purses and wallets For those who come To steal and fool And there’s always some On the … Continue reading

The tears of a rhino mother

One child only A mother has to be Attentive of her surroundings And clearly courageously Ready in the wildness Of Africa where she Is up against the wildness And the abandonment A key Issue for her Humans Ugly in the … Continue reading

I was always a lost soul “SUDAN”

Existence for me was at odds with my soul With the urges I felt with the lack of control Humans their arrogance basically they Have hearts and have minds but cant find a way Out of their deep seated violence … Continue reading


They are killing the angels Dropping like flies If you protect animals Its no surprise If others are making a killing Then they Will try very hard to put you away Ivory sales the elephant clan Rhinocerus horn despite the … Continue reading

Gugu and Impy and the Thula Thula Rhino Orphanage

A orphanage was raided By two armed men And they raped a women Killed two baby Rhino’s On that day Gugu died immediately IMpy sadly he Had to then be euthanised Which was tragically The worse thing that could Have … Continue reading


COnsisting of just keratin and calcium The horn creation gave to Rhino’s Tragically It is sawn Off by ignorant poachers Who destroy the animals face And often leave the calf behind to die A human race To realise their contract … Continue reading


The absolute venality The lack of conscience, we What is the unscrupulousness Utter obliquity Criminal gangs Are at it Syndicates out there In Vietnam and China And fhe spoils they all now share The good for nothing roguery Scoundrels everywhere … Continue reading

Thandi and Themba

The absoluteness of existence In their presence one can feel All the potentiality And what it does reveal To the heart to the human spirit To those who love them so The positive and historicity Intrinsically we know They truly … Continue reading

The fate of the Rangers

The improbity of poaching Where No conscience exists It’s corruption and venality It’s all about their fists Their ugly hearts And non existent souls For that’s their base Poaching rhino horns And elephant ivory The case Against these so called … Continue reading