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Assange is no criminal His courage reigns In the face of our enemy Fearlessness gains An audacious boldness A knight if you will Who combats the evil With the ultimate skill Against intimidation The ashen faced might Give up the … Continue reading

Austerity burns holes in existence ( grenfell)

Arrogant ministers Answerable to Where the buck stops The truancy view Cutting out waste Confining the spread Limiting numbers To victims all led Out of the ruins The fireball of hell Where the poor folk believe That their tower block … Continue reading

Julian Assange

A well grounded attested genuine man With endurance for life And one hell of a plan A phenomenal character Whose ethos to be True to himself and his family A sound frame of mind With an affiliation For all that … Continue reading

I was not there

I was not there But have woken up To the carnage of that day It was swept into my psyche Leaving us all to pay Regard to the heroism And the hatred everywhere I woke up screaming to myself I … Continue reading

Admission of defeat

To erase pure knowledge from an archive What it says to me Is it acknowledges the defeated sense Of perpetuity It goes back to the boy Who sweeps the dust under the mat It’s the very same philosophy And shows … Continue reading


Reality some call it A socialite we hear A manufactured entity From the television sphere Her armchair audience Fed on lots of TV meals On expanding laps Kind of wish for what she has The kind of living raps She … Continue reading


The EU and the US tried by stealth To run us down Brought this so called TTIP In red tape we shall drown The crap about a boost to all economies Is all pie in the sky And pigeons coming … Continue reading

They won the market but lost their way somewhat

Thirty years ago or so Xintang you could say was born They started making jeans for export Reaching their new dawn They had some good cheap labour And raw materials too And a high percentage of artisans Who really really … Continue reading

if only the Lobster

for the lobsters of this world to lose their freedom as all the Lobsters do most every day they give up all that ocean to climb into a pot and have not the mean intelligence to say its very nice … Continue reading


It happens to you Or someone you know They become homeless Not in the flow They had had expectations But then suddenly The world fell in on them The uncertainty Of Life took a turn For the worse and we … Continue reading