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If we should stay We are going to pay We are going to suffer Night and day Military Mobility The Schengen area Aids the free Movement of units and assets They all The European Area Will be on call A … Continue reading

Let down merchants

Federal Europe The liars are many Having gone out to BRUSSELS And not really any Were leavers Believers Retrievers of soul Of our sovreignty EU CONTROL We have been signed up to All these long years They make all our … Continue reading

Liberality and the 17.4 million

Swinson May lose some I hope so I do Who now would vote for her snowflakes whose view Has already melted And has lost its gleam The great referendum She’s run out of steam Swishing alone denying us time REMOANERS … Continue reading

The EU screw

What were negotiations like A brain washing affair Double speak and bloody cheek And agreements from no where Sovereignty just torn up The institution notes The EU so intrusive It just dries up all our throats Lobby groups and think … Continue reading


It’s all about enlargement The European need The way the institutions work Despite now how we bleed Sovereignty and freedom The Brexit leavers who Had won their referendum From what was the EU The European Union Strait jackets to the … Continue reading

A very sad father

The Benn act Attacked Democracy It worked Just with adversity badness Madness sadness A Remoaners Nemocracy. Cobbled together Indulgently Wondering whether It could ever be Delaying Brexit Better still Optative Probative And A bitter pill A very sad father Who … Continue reading

BORIS and our plight

Boris’s pitch To be dead in a ditch Rather than let the EU Make our decision WitH all the derision Which is that re moaners Will do 1 billion a month For the pleasure That’s treasure For yes the EU … Continue reading

The great debate

8pm BBC There yes they all sat With Emily Maitland Clad in blue Thats where they were at BORIS and Jeremy Michael And Saj Not forgetting Rory All wearing the badge Of honour and glory And foresight divine With BREXIT … Continue reading


Skulduggery exists The perfidiousness creates The frame-up of the century Such Hypocrisy conflates Truthfulness and honour With the sanctimonious way Of misquoting and misinforming And making people pay Inventing pure falsehoods Wholly insincere Betrayal and duplicity So prophetic and so … Continue reading

BRUSSELS 26th May 2019

The streets of Brussels The men in black Shields and helmets When’s the attack? Crowds of people Flags and Bikes Cell phones buzzing The hates The likes Chanters Gazers Thinkers all Water cannon Its a rule Of thumb The people … Continue reading