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Misguided political correctness

Eccentricity this man adopts The label he Has his boisterous manner And a kind of idiocy His powers of thought are many His shenanigans are too But by siding with the matador For me just will not do Preaching to … Continue reading

Aunty Ro

The right of the underdogs in this world In the massive arena where each is hurled There are warrior angels who do their thing And safeguard the voiceless and try to bring Some sanity back instinctively Use understanding and try … Continue reading

Ahed Tamini

Hopelessness spreads Across many devides When young hopes are dashed By the defeating tides Despairing glances Fearing the worst With parents suffering And when the first Inconsolable nightmare Happens to fall Down on your village Loved by you all Nabi … Continue reading

Stephen Hawking

We all have imperfections It was something that he felt But it fuelled his determination Which obviously spelt The need to be deliberative And speculatively cerebrate the scope of time And by association see An Independent quotient A physicist he … Continue reading


Creative comedic laughter and joy A figure of vigour His passionate ploy 90 Long years Entertainment his thing An eruption of mirth From his ardour did bring Heartfelt emotion The notion that he Could work on the boards And intelligently … Continue reading


From the barbers to the beautiful Incognito yes she cried Glasses hat a lovely smile And it all came from inside A light force so remarkable On a dull and cloudy day There she was that lady When she waved … Continue reading

Patrick Kilonzo

To have that disposition that inclination for Wild animals whom are suffering Who he never would ignore A man,a proper hero ungrudgingly displays Makes it his self-appointed task And a foundation lays Unasked and unbidden volantarily Hired a truck filled … Continue reading


Analytical and hardworking And practical is she Born under the star of virgo Modest and quiet she be Loves to sing the charismatic Church songs with such glee A quiet and persuasive attitude And a goodly memory Scrabble she is … Continue reading


I met Lee several days agO A member of the team He a health care assistant Its somewhere where he had been 4 years helping people And asisting nurses too And before that was a cleaner Its what Lee likes … Continue reading


On life’s Highway one may meet the Nicest people Through circumstances, where we perhaps are drawn To find free spirits even wanderers On their journey home perhaps One hundred million years of stars And dawn Brings forth its near star … Continue reading