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From the barbers to the beautiful Incognito yes she cried Glasses hat a lovely smile And it all came from inside A light force so remarkable On a dull and cloudy day There she was that lady When she waved … Continue reading

Patrick Kilonzo

To have that disposition that inclination for Wild animals whom are suffering Who he never would ignore A man,a proper hero ungrudgingly displays Makes it his self-appointed task And a foundation lays Unasked and unbidden volantarily Hired a truck filled … Continue reading


Analytical and hardworking And practical is she Born under the star of virgo Modest and quiet she be Loves to sing the charismatic Church songs with such glee A quiet and persuasive attitude And a goodly memory Scrabble she is … Continue reading


I met Lee several days agO A member of the team He a health care assistant Its somewhere where he had been 4 years helping people And asisting nurses too And before that was a cleaner Its what Lee likes … Continue reading


On life’s Highway one may meet the Nicest people Through circumstances, where we perhaps are drawn To find free spirits even wanderers On their journey home perhaps One hundred million years of stars And dawn Brings forth its near star … Continue reading


A kind of dedication That one may never see Because of her inbuilt dedication Which She hides so expertly A kind of fearsome countenance But a warm and tender soul Who doesn’t take fools kindly With an abrupt control All … Continue reading


A gem of s lady So compassionate she Born in Cochin Not far from the seA The Arabian Sea Washed up spices galore Black Pepper snd Cardamon That We all adore In this idyll was born A sweet child called … Continue reading

Adam Shoults

The epitome of an adventurer With a restlessness to feel The art of being vulnerable And tempt providence for real A cartographer who imagined The lines on maps conceal Myriads of wonderment And essentially whats real That visionary approach That … Continue reading


A philosopher who took it upon himself As many do To think about the rights that animals Have and it was his view As a professor he had found It was the path to be on For him the very … Continue reading

Billy barr snow man

GOthic Colorado An old mining place And he is the only inhabitant And that is by Gods grace He moved some 4o years ago From Trention so they say And lives in this old cottage He helped to build That … Continue reading