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Magickal whittling

A length of willow Tearfully sprung Witches brooms Were once among The uses for a branch To be Held and whittled Lovingly An aromatic inspiration Feminine and lissom too The outer green and inner bark stripped Where once great beads … Continue reading


A warrior For certain A soulful women who Knows justice and cares vehemently For all thats good and true The under dog she is up there Fighting their corner, she Really is a carer Of the first degree She really … Continue reading


There are beautiful souls All over the world Whose fortune is goodness Where gladness is hurled Exalting all those Who they meet on their way With their exuberant charm So blessed I say One such individual Gabrielle now she Lives … Continue reading


You can see her at Stoke Mandeville Or at Rothschilds at Tring A Consultant Rheumatologist That honestly does bring A caring and a sharing And her influence to bear She is meditive and deliberative And has always been aware As … Continue reading

Hannah Hauxwell

A dales women A spinster On an isolated farm With an utter realization That her idealistic calm Stemmed from her surroundings Her Low Birkhatt farm was where Such an inspirational quality Which was why she was living there Essentially the … Continue reading


There are pangs of utter jealousy Emananting here From half the world’s corrupted And their lackeys who in fear Discriminate disgracefully And wilfully neglect Malingerers in shadowy haunts Who get away unchecked With a traction of true treachery They are … Continue reading

Closing down

A great big placard Closing down 50 per cent off A tiny town A garden centre One hundred years At least of business A time for tears Empty shelves Not many plants A few seed packets Left to chance Some … Continue reading


What drives a man to murder The sophistical idea With mental reservation And not an ounce of fear Contrary to reason Self-contradictory Invalid and untenable Flimsy and woolly Makes miscalculations And a lack of vision he Is somewhat fixated On … Continue reading

Babs behan

Realness a breathing A Vital desire A fortuitous happening A natural fire Of energy coming From Plant sources she A botanical artist And sustainably Works at her craft With a sensitive air With the deepest respect Which ofcourse she does … Continue reading


It bugs me in so many ways Why the angels of this world Really have to suffer As around them they see hurled Violation and transgression Dishonesty and crime Hunters vivisectionists And abusers how they climb Out of anothers misery … Continue reading