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Paul Debbie and Toby

We all forget and take for granted How brilliant we all are How our bodies work for us In many ways we star In our own epic every hour Of every single day And thats until something Goes haywire and … Continue reading

MULAN the tigress

Abdullah Sholet became her full time carer 25 years old and apparently Ready to take on a job of looking after a tiger cub At an Islamic school where both could be MULAN Jamilliah a Bengal tiger Given to the … Continue reading

Alejandro Aranda

Home schooled self taught Pomona heard The woollen hat A fabled bird A visionary in many ways Whimsical and bound to raise Eyebrows heartsrings Mindfulness A gentle heart That tempers stress Imaginative in every way Believable to you I say … Continue reading

The local hero

Six days it took him From 6 to six In a raging heat With spade and picks Nicholas Muchemi A labourer he Rebuilt a road Diligently It seems a landowner Decided that they The people were using his land And … Continue reading

Sir Roger Scruton and Brexit

The power of sight The power of thought An ethical devide In the National Interest Conviction doesnt slide He talks of trust and belonging His feature of debate It is wholly precious What Common Law does state It has always … Continue reading

Creative genius

The whole equilibrium And soundness of mind A total fluency Being resigned To what is true nature Unembellished and real The unlaboured willingness Of waters that spill And a sculpting genius With Driftwood and glass What has been fashioned By … Continue reading


47 years of age White haired, bearded Hard to gauge The Ecuadorian Embassy And the weight of the constabulary All those coppers One frail man And really how it all began Human rights ENGLAND can feel Its more EU And … Continue reading


Unique in every which way Feminine and strong Oozing with compassion From the ocean all belong All of us as Planeteers Here to mindfully Follow in her footsteps That she treads So beautifully Genuine She is an innovation In the … Continue reading


Defining and enlightening Appreciation feels Open to adaptation Which more or less reveals A truthfulness of simplicity and of feelings of the wild Spirited and vivacious Almost like the child Lost within our being Soulful and intense The beauty of … Continue reading

Magickal whittling

A length of willow Tearfully sprung Witches brooms Were once among The uses for a branch To be Held and whittled Lovingly An aromatic inspiration Feminine and lissom too The outer green and inner bark stripped Where once great beads … Continue reading