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The greatest organ any creature Possesses its their skin Gifted By their maker hair and fur And wool And Mankind Takes advantage The animals we abuse Sometimes ripping it off their bodies That is how we choose As a method … Continue reading

Neil a true warrior

To have the courage Of ones convictions Can be hard to do One soul 13 years ago Passed One of the few VEgans who was on the case Of caring for animals, he Despite his Spina Bifida He was fearless … Continue reading


When we travel We unravel Others and their ways Different to the folks back home For understanding pays Dividends existence The spirit and the soul The vital force All essential To the knowledge, We extol Survivable in other lands Enlivened … Continue reading

Ingrid Newkirk

It’s your birthday Ingrid 71 years old Heading up the wonderful work Your integrity it told You many years ago Just how much pain There was about How Animals were suffering You just were in no doubt Your incorruptibility Your … Continue reading


This is from me Perhaps until now The voice and the spirit Was teaching me how Much admiration I Do have For you When you lived next door It was good You were true To yourself and to me And … Continue reading

Debby and Paul

Appreciative of life itself A couple I admire Whose gratefulness is indicative Of many a Beltane fire Who have that crusading spirit In the midst of lockdown, they Help others by enlightenment Tuesdays and friday With goodwill and with helpfulness … Continue reading

Ian Crane

I hear you have not been all that well Your tenacious spirit clearly Your unflagging efforts all the while Is why So many dearly Appreciate so much of what you do Its been your way Of taking on the corporates … Continue reading

Khai Eng

Transforming a plot That was lifeless and dry Smothered in carpet And destined to die A classic Beech Pulling nutrients fast Neglected for years There the die cast The true historicity Wildness took charge Draining the top soil And it … Continue reading


A real women of substance Of courage and verve Soulful and beautiful Willing to serve Humanity A genuine being can I See from your ethos Assess from the care Marvel at the wisdom You proffer and share A mother whose … Continue reading

Steve Miller

A man of many colours Of such profundity Enlightened by the digital His creativity Stems into Farsightedness and foresight As we pause A while for inspiration About his home because Canopus The second brightest star That shares it’s spectral light … Continue reading


A lady from Germany Living in Canada Fighting the good fight For all she is worth All of the creatures that live Love and die here She is on their case that much is clear She is a vegan She … Continue reading

Linda Sanders

A Cancerian from Constantine In Cornwall a cardinal sign An energetic soul Who simply does align Driven by her own feelings A pig in Chinese Astrology A feminine water pig Works on her own iniative With a heart that’s really … Continue reading

Ann Goldstraw

Overwhelmed by everything Great suffering You see Painfulness and unpleasantness And bouts of purgatory Patients clearly worried sick Spiritless and staid Long suffering and now all this As many of them fade To be anxious for those suffering Wanting them … Continue reading


Dreaming of Bournmouth The sun and the sea The air on ones face It’s just the place to be Jenny’s not been there But it is a nice place And when lockdown is over She might be on the case … Continue reading

Shiloh Pepin the little mermaid girl of Maine

I met a young lady last evening On a youtube video I watched it in its entirety And she moved me Just with her glow Shiloh Pepin born with Sirenomelia Where she Came to be known as the mermaid child … Continue reading


the Whole truth and nothing but the truth That’s Gusta from the start A warrior for the animals And it all comes from her heart Sincerity and honour In everything she does Caring and sharing and even daring Which does … Continue reading

Geoff Toon

One part of a perfect couple That’s Geoff, if you ask me He is not just anybody For him his druidry Is heartfelt, With his consciousness And his realisation, he Is, a genuine member In his actuality His interests that … Continue reading


We have been friends for years and years A customer of mine When I had my organic shop That I thought was divine She came along and introduced herself And I was hooked She has a state of mind And … Continue reading

Simon Cotterill

The greenwood moss and emerald robe Worn by my good friend who Is a lover of great stories And of Avebury he is true To himself and to his lady The caring Ann Goldstraw Who enjoys his many outdoor pursuits … Continue reading


We are all facing Challenging times it is true And some of us Honestly don’t know what to do It’s out of our hands In a great many ways And our sensitivity Really it plays Havoc with life As we … Continue reading


An audience of those Who fail to think or even care All they see is a scrap And whether or not it’s fair The serenity and calmness The unflappable the sure Statuesque and peaceful Never keen on war A tolerant … Continue reading

The Toones

The Toones I loved to hear and see A couple of Druids wild and free Dedicated and pure of thoughts A phenomenal couple and brilliant sports Easy to love easy to know When they decided to up and go I … Continue reading


Toby a handsome young man That belongs To our Druid order The Cotswold throngs With a kindly disposition Warm-hearted and real Unselfish and tender And doesn’t conceal His fraternal feelings For someone like me Disabled and in pain His sympathy … Continue reading

Someone very special

A mother Works the facets Like no other soul alive Holds a family together Helps everyone survive A spirit and a temperament An amazing frame of mind She studies OBOD Works the garden And can always find A lovely piece … Continue reading

ZUFA Northwood Hills.

It encompasses a footprint From a bygone age A part of the Mohafazah of North Lebanon Each page representing Tannourine a magical And enchanted space Close by great Cedar forests Where wild angels found their place Where Eagles fly and … Continue reading

Consultant Rheumatologist

My arthritis took a real bad turn And for a few months have seen A lot of pain most of the time And have felt life was so mean To me despite pain killers And rest and exercise The cold … Continue reading

Scarlett Hambidge

Your moon is in Libra It’s colour is Scarlett Your name clearly thought about Long long ago A great water bearer And nobody fairer A genuine soul as most people know In Chinese Astrology You are a dog A dog … Continue reading

Mary Borgstrom

A potter and an Artist A need to excavate A mindful glimpse through history A medieval gait To primitive beginnings The Bygone forgotten days Retroactive thinking And all the many ways She was part of Nature Respecting each event An … Continue reading


5000 followers can’t be wrong A kindly soul Who does belong To an ever growing caring way Of enlightening Us all each day Picture positivity Smiles and gentle piety scenes of originality Eyes and faces all can share Praises phases … Continue reading

Ghost hunters welcome to a new friend

Paranormal sightings haunted houses, they Creepy night time horrors That happen so they say In places back in history With scenes of terror there Murders bloodshed butchery And myriad despair The unhinged brutal maniacs And the Body snatchers who Opened … Continue reading