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Consultant Rheumatologist

My arthritis took a real bad turn And for a few months have seen A lot of pain most of the time And have felt life was so mean To me despite pain killers And rest and exercise The cold … Continue reading

Scarlett Hambidge

Your moon is in Libra It’s colour is Scarlett Your name clearly thought about Long long ago A great water bearer And nobody fairer A genuine soul as most people know In Chinese Astrology You are a dog A dog … Continue reading

Mary Borgstrom

A potter and an Artist A need to excavate A mindful glimpse through history A medieval gait To primitive beginnings The Bygone forgotten days Retroactive thinking And all the many ways She was part of Nature Respecting each event An … Continue reading


5000 followers can’t be wrong A kindly soul Who does belong To an ever growing caring way Of enlightening Us all each day Picture positivity Smiles and gentle piety scenes of originality Eyes and faces all can share Praises phases … Continue reading

Ghost hunters welcome to a new friend

Paranormal sightings haunted houses, they Creepy night time horrors That happen so they say In places back in history With scenes of terror there Murders bloodshed butchery And myriad despair The unhinged brutal maniacs And the Body snatchers who Opened … Continue reading


From a mindset of neglect And irresponsibility I came to know a man called Adam Who said he had come to see Me to help me That was just unusual let me say But the first thing that he noticed … Continue reading

Inspired by a friend in Mumbai

Existence over aeons of historicity Development perfecting individuality essential actuality And in a nutshell who Are we to ever question What creation chose to do To ever doubt or influence The miracles that took Interplay and interaction That really wrote … Continue reading

Yule message to my Doctor

I have felt so I uncared for A life sentence really Of misunderstandings Out in the cold Left alone and unheeded And I haven’t succeeded In putting my point across My life was on hold My pain has been massive … Continue reading

19th of November

A Quito born Princess With a pedigree that’s true Quechua origination Andean through and through No kinder heart has there ever been Or can really ever be What is this amazing women Doing anywhere near me The avenue of the … Continue reading


The place was Rollright Stones An ancient ceremonial site The weather was abysmal Such a leaden light Submerged us in the mists of time Where a Cotswold group of friends Were indulging in a Smithsonian jaunt Which an icy vista … Continue reading