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Aditi Mishra

a pitch of absoluteness Faultless to a tee Flawlessness a diamond Of impeccability Clearly at the zenith A beautiful refrain Enunciating every word And able to maintain A presence in the listeners heart Appealing to the soul Affirming such perfection … Continue reading

BAck to Black

She died one hundred times One hundred times too many She never said good bye to me Or possibly to any One expecting ever, that she would Go away That Her life would just be over To Camden she would … Continue reading

Naked but for the crow

Form and contours Posture she A living sculpture Using dance to move To let us see Thrown as if the sculptor Returned to polish and Cut out and mould and fashion Lick into shspe by hand The music has its … Continue reading

What is a name when music is the flame

The philosophy of existence In what is a stream Of light The sensitive eye is startled The knowing ear can cite No other time when suddenly The spirit did awake Upon hearing snd feeling a musical verse Just for creations … Continue reading

One day in Vienna

A cellist in a public square A black bow tie Just a few souls there A pot upon the pavement and A child comes up cash in her hand Put some money in his pot And he starts to play … Continue reading


Lateral thinking Who thinks matters through The logical process Whether its true Or not Whose assumption Are you thinking about Where is one coming from Theres so much doubt How many clear headed people are there Do they listen to … Continue reading


A floral dress Of crimson flowers Sable haired and white short socks From Newport in South Wales she comes With blue eyes and an amazing voice Wild horses you could feel them in the mountains Really just of choice A … Continue reading

Horses for courses

To get a nice warm blanket Just out of the blue Up at standing rock camp The wind can just blow through Whatever skin and muscle you have And what you find Is your legs get really frozen And that … Continue reading

Katie 2

The ants were swarming last night All around the Theatre Royal Jack Frost was in the roof tops Beginning it felt to toil For he soon brought down The temperature And increased the wind indeed And drove us into the … Continue reading

Leonard Cohen

Hear that chord A mind’s reward For listening to one such man A poet And I have always been Really an avid fan His sensual prose Everyone knows It grows and grows And really shows In a heart beat how … Continue reading