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To be loving of ones parents Brings originality A genuineness to work with And such creativity Foresight from your mother When Shinichi Suzuki His Language acquisition And a learning she could see Affirmative of action It’s how you had to … Continue reading

Taj Farrant

He loves his hats He loves his hair and He rockS Unsullied He Pure minded makes his music For his flock who gleefully listen and are captured By what is his searing flame it’s burning Its Discerning And so moving … Continue reading

Steve Miller

A man of many colours Of such profundity Enlightened by the digital His creativity Stems into Farsightedness and foresight As we pause A while for inspiration About his home because Canopus The second brightest star That shares it’s spectral light … Continue reading

Annette Wardell

Yorkshire’s finest Resolute yes resolute is she In the world of opera Uncompromisingly Well versed in the classics Purposeful and strong She blossoms with her melodies Into delightful song Indefatigability A self determination A staying power An hour on hour … Continue reading

The Piano man cometh

A constancy a singleness of purpose Unwearied and enduring Time stands still A prearrangement A musical An interlude Measured and devised Too soon to spill In pursuit of excellence A true means to an end Fuel to the flame Tell … Continue reading

Marcin Patrzalek

Marcin Patrzalek Watch his fingers, and His “paper thin sky” Poland clearly grabbed him To a journey to a high Summit in a mountain Perhaps into a place Listen to the way he plays He truly is an ace Performer … Continue reading


Behold the feathered choristers Whose throats are full of song Ascertaining Nature now conducts Them all along Melodic and rhapsodic Peaceful and serene Joyous thus inducing ballads that have been In our minds and in our hearts Forever and a … Continue reading

Gerardo Tkachenko-Papizh

A unique sound of naturalness Songbirds insects we Listen to the utterances And muffled shrieks that be Exclaiming a perfection Humming warbling cooing Madrigals of harmony Lingering and viewing Hearkening a labyrinth Ethereal it be Breath beyond sensation Thinking out … Continue reading

Alejandro Aranda

Home schooled self taught Pomona heard The woollen hat A fabled bird A visionary in many ways Whimsical and bound to raise Eyebrows heartsrings Mindfulness A gentle heart That tempers stress Imaginative in every way Believable to you I say … Continue reading

April jasmine an opera played out in silence

Jasmine green A ballerina Emerging from the stem Pirouette’s whose golden fingers Hold a future gem A starlit curl of blossom A scent to captivate Wind and rain and gentleness Resulting from the wait The honest truth abundantly As myriad … Continue reading

A clown was born

6 foot 8 “Puddle” A pity clown In white A stature Bring it on This man Always gets it right A voice that Cracks the ceiling He is his majesty He reaches hearts Before unreached And always sings in key … Continue reading

“Crimson tide”( swamped and losing consciousness)

Drifing all alone In a row boat old and leaking On an ocean current The wrath of ancients near The wild wind brewing suddenly To search into my crevices Inspiring me to thoughtfulness And certainly to hear Landfall could be … Continue reading


A solar eclipse The day before A brand new moon To wet the floor With beams of gold And another day Sees the Celtic Oak Just fade away So that Holly can Begin its reign A noble stalwart A god … Continue reading

“A radical moment” a song of our times

When not to eat animals is seen as too radical That just proves one thing We must have arrived Where the tallest of steeple And the hymns of the people Researching their diets See we have survived On our tofu … Continue reading

“Worried dream” from Peter Green

The graphics apparently Simple but they Follow the mind at the dawn of the day Encompass a place Where a solitary boat Sits on a lake And just lets music float Tired and alone Hands clasped having sown Seeds in … Continue reading

Paul Barton Piano player extraordinaire

Remorselessness and heartlessness The forest tribes embittered by Made to slave in temperatures Truthfully far too high Working at the logging stages Very heavy arduous work Branches scratching deep wounds Where bugs and true infections lurk Elephants great hearts that … Continue reading

Yulunga spirit dance carla corsi and Davide Coreste

Streams of consciousness Prevailing, skywards Meandering reticulation The labyrinth its true obliqueness Waviness and undulation Spirit dancer Great caldera watch now as its spewing fire Masked up tribesman Ghost masks vivid Trees and mountains Ever higher Softness sleekness Glassy calmness … Continue reading

Lisa Gerrard Man on fire Creasy dies

Taken from a mindful Look at Nature The infinite space The outward curve of awe What is perhaps dominion That place beyond the heavens The waviness that climbers do adore Lisa Gerrards spirit And magickal repose Is spread around the … Continue reading

Dolores o’Riodan

It can be lonely singing A mike the crowd A voice The words when they are meaningful When there is little choice But put it out there Say your piece Let the world know why Dispiritedness and a sinking heart … Continue reading

The living doll

Understandable and expressive Articulate and meaningful Sada has that ethereal quality Spoonfuls of blissful all tuneful A living doll creative and ingenious Rhapsodic in a mildly lovely way Vapourous and fanciful Dreamed up and inspirational Sada vidoo the living doll … Continue reading

Peter Green

Six strings thats all it took And a few fingers A wizard with a magical repose Improvisation took him to the heights Few ever reach And harmonies that very clearly pose A masterful command and a direction A tenacity of … Continue reading

He was a Natural Tom Petty

In the mystic woods Reality winds An eternal path To somewhere that minds Alone remember Each Soulful song Where a dozen black deer Seemed to belong Quietly together Their confidence growing Musical memories Forever flowing So captivating An exceptional feat … Continue reading

Mick Fleetwood’s evening in Islington

The assembly hall was clearly very popular Tonight Queues of people waiting somehow it felt just right We parked in upper Street just outside the old venue And went towards the entrance to see what we should do We were … Continue reading

Fleetwood reminiscing

Its life and what is thrown at us That makes us what we are Its the bedrock of our being The nuts and bolts that star Undeniable factors That immortalise the way Essentially we manage To make it through each … Continue reading

The Sami singer

The glorious pitch of heaven Brings A yoik into ones soul Watch the slender dancer With each gentle role The flight pattern of the eagle The crispness of the snow Weaving like this morning breeze Her soft skin all aglow … Continue reading


Mary Mary feel that airy Blessedness about us now Mab and Oberon are resting In the forest tell me how Early whirly gigs of pearly A translucency we feel For your voice is liquid magick And your message it be … Continue reading


Pilton lights up the night sky Auric flame A crackling plea Once again, a fresh claim On Glastonbury That magickal town With its witches and wizards And historical gown That sits over yonder Sleeping perhaps As the worlds music lovers … Continue reading


Putting aside what is reality This narrative of the now Bridges and walls How that concept now calls A beatiful melodic vow It softly encapsulates freedom To choose what feels right And how we Can examine the truth of existence … Continue reading

Aditi Mishra

a pitch of absoluteness Faultless to a tee Flawlessness a diamond Of impeccability Clearly at the zenith A beautiful refrain Enunciating every word And able to maintain A presence in the listeners heart Appealing to the soul Affirming such perfection … Continue reading

BAck to Black

She died one hundred times One hundred times too many She never said good bye to me Or possibly to any One expecting ever, that she would Go away That Her life would just be over To Camden she would … Continue reading