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Dolores o’Riodan

It can be lonely singing A mike the crowd A voice The words when they are meaningful When there is little choice But put it out there Say your piece Let the world know why Dispiritedness and a sinking heart … Continue reading

The living doll

Understandable and expressive Articulate and meaningful Sada has that ethereal quality Spoonfuls of blissful all tuneful A living doll creative and ingenious Rhapsodic in a mildly lovely way Vapourous and fanciful Dreamed up and inspirational Sada vidoo the living doll … Continue reading

Peter Green

Six strings thats all it took And a few fingers A wizard with a magical repose Improvisation took him to the heights Few ever reach And harmonies that very clearly pose A masterful command and a direction A tenacity of … Continue reading

He was a Natural Tom Petty

In the mystic woods Reality winds An eternal path To somewhere that minds Alone remember Each Soulful song Where a dozen black deer Seemed to belong Quietly together Their confidence growing Musical memories Forever flowing So captivating An exceptional feat … Continue reading

Mick Fleetwood’s evening in Islington

The assembly hall was clearly very popular Tonight Queues of people waiting somehow it felt just right We parked in upper Street just outside the old venue And went towards the entrance to see what we should do We were … Continue reading

Fleetwood reminiscing

Its life and what is thrown at us That makes us what we are Its the bedrock of our being The nuts and bolts that star Undeniable factors That immortalise the way Essentially we manage To make it through each … Continue reading

The Sami singer

The glorious pitch of heaven Brings A yoik into ones soul Watch the slender dancer With each gentle role The flight pattern of the eagle The crispness of the snow Weaving like this morning breeze Her soft skin all aglow … Continue reading


Mary Mary feel that airy Blessedness about us now Mab and Oberon are resting In the forest tell me how Early whirly gigs of pearly A translucency we feel For your voice is liquid magick And your message it be … Continue reading


Pilton lights up the night sky Auric flame A crackling plea Once again, a fresh claim On Glastonbury That magickal town With its witches and wizards And historical gown That sits over yonder Sleeping perhaps As the worlds music lovers … Continue reading


Putting aside what is reality This narrative of the now Bridges and walls How that concept now calls A beatiful melodic vow It softly encapsulates freedom To choose what feels right And how we Can examine the truth of existence … Continue reading