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ZUFA Northwood Hills.

It encompasses a footprint From a bygone age A part of the Mohafazah of North Lebanon Each page representing Tannourine a magical And enchanted space Close by great Cedar forests Where wild angels found their place Where Eagles fly and … Continue reading

Blue bell wood Ashridge

A sweep of colour Met my eyes A sea of blue On waving stems AShridge smiled The bluest gleam Which forced her bells Into my dream Under the pale light Shade was pure A lovely blue Real azure It rocked … Continue reading

Rudolf Steiner’s Guy Fawkes Celebration

from darkness came a ring of fire a vast cacophony for hire built of wood and branches high with fingers reaching to the sky powerfully it stood its ground until torch bearers came around igniting kindling with a sweep and … Continue reading

What I saw in Ashridge today

what you see in the forest if you pretend you are not there Continue reading