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What are we doing?

Cities where ants scurry this way And that Where vehicular poisons are where We are at Where once the sound sod and the life force We saw Was concreted over and yes some more Did we live in a cave … Continue reading

Intelligible to them

They had developed clarity For living on the land Gave them the exposure Which helped them understand They had that visible evidence The horizon they could see It all was recognizable Eye-catching strikingly And they possessed true intellect Reasoning power … Continue reading

Democratic republic of the CONGO

POverty and impoverishment Creates in man a need To suffer with his family They are owned and robbed indeed Underfed and down at heel Unable to pay ones way So drawn into great dangers Just hopeful they can pay In … Continue reading

STanding Rock

State Troopers Robocops and more Its not IRAQ NO its not war! Its Standing Rock The DAPL crowd And the water protectors Are overpowered By the military vehicles The burnjng tipi’s Really tough cops Not there to please Thirty or … Continue reading


We can bang on our drums We can pray to the sky We can talk up our treaties As the embers fly We can stand at the gate of our land And proclaim That we dont want the black snake … Continue reading

The river doesn’t want the black snake under it

Since Trump came in And signed up on Dakota Pipe line,he Saw their stock rise by 7 a 1/2 per cent And did agree There was a time he held a lot Up to a million but He divested himself … Continue reading

Executive Orders

The executive order Was signed yesterday No communication Just this is the day I am the leader What I say goes And ETP reckon Now that it shows THat I mean business The pipe line must be Fully operational Fracked … Continue reading

Dakota Pipeline just north of Hell

Trump its there And signs Away Treaty land Yes they can pay BISMARCK took objection to The routing lines So what they did do Was took it closer To the reservation The sioux wont mind Its near their station The … Continue reading

The black snake cometh and we goeth

Razor wire And robocops Thats the life thats guaranteed The planet reeling From the oil The coal The fracking YES Indeed The thugs The Dapla security Paid with dirty oil money AMerica land of the free Oil pipes leaking Constantly … Continue reading

#water is life

Deep snow razor wire And robocops Now in our face Energy transfer partners More arrogant than before The bridge needs clearing urgently Our ambulances cant get through The world is watching North DAKOTA And we all see what they do … Continue reading