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An appeal to President Lenin Moreno of Ecuador

Long before you They had settled In the virgins palace where The jungle swept above them Where the sun had bleached their hair Guardians steeped in romance spirited and free Who lived close to their mother It was where she … Continue reading

In the mountains we all become the mortals we have always been

Where blue skies remain Not a chem trail in sight Where snow falls in bucket loads Every night The might of the mountain Reaches the sky Where freedom exists In the wink of an eye Conviction to have it Is … Continue reading

Residential schools

Contemptuousness and despisedness A paltriness of mind For governments to do this So terribly unkind The indignity of breaking up Families in this way Of weaning them from ancestors And making the children pay In America in Canada in Australia … Continue reading

The Haenyeo of South Korea

Resolute and unprompted With Will power and determination The women of jeju their self appointed tasks To dive into the ocean Where Free diving is their thing Exploring the depths on a single breath Their prizes for to bring Conches … Continue reading


We steal peoples identitities We homogenize their senses Indistinguishability their huge power snd their magick For the whites it appeared To be beyond their understanding Redundantly they feared The culture of the ancients The genius of their might The absorbtion … Continue reading

The Knowledge

There was Knowledge and enlightenment An order in a time gone by When consciousness was relevant And acquaintanceship was high Lore and wisdom had been acquired By experience most true It was all hands on and mindful Its what they … Continue reading

Gangarru (honour and respect)

Respect is sadly lacking For Creation and beyond The philosophy of existence The realness and the bond We have with factuality Our great mother for she And her enduring priciples Are perpetually Reminding us totemism Is linked to dreamtime and … Continue reading

When it comes to knowledge and communication the Inuit remain part of it all

Dream worlds comes from far way The eternal life force day to day Whatever tribe inhabits earth Each communicates with avid worth Some imagine they have reached A higher echelon and have breached Consciousness and out beyond Wherever but Do … Continue reading


Ularu’s arkosic sandstone A great palette of soul Where the ancient people Knew of their role To love and respect To have empathy for The environment The animals spirits galore They painted their pigments up onto the rock They drank … Continue reading

Kangaroo killers

Dripping with blood In the vilest of flood Mothers and babies The outback was where The purest of soul Who took the angels role Was ambushed and murdered Can you feel the despair ? Of a mother who is dying … Continue reading