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The Netsilik Eskimo’s

Netsilik Eskimo’s The people of the Seal Go jigging for lake trout A pastime for real Its May 15 fahrenheit Hear the crunch of the sled The cry of the dogs The snow forms their bed Kick out some snow … Continue reading

Cobra gypsies of Rajastan

Where the skies are pink And purple Where the bush is sparse and dry There live a handsome people Close to nature We may sigh To see them under tractors With their hound And children too With their pretty clothes … Continue reading

The Sami singer

The glorious pitch of heaven Brings A yoik into ones soul Watch the slender dancer With each gentle role The flight pattern of the eagle The crispness of the snow Weaving like this morning breeze Her soft skin all aglow … Continue reading

The Sami

Sami music pulled out of the landscape Shot with snow With sky with sea with reindeers And with sunlight that does grow Where colours of the rainbow paint Masterpieces high Melodically embracing life And all that does go by Our … Continue reading

The Aquaria Trade and the indigenous people of Barcelos

The humic acid content Of the various leaves that fall Into the RIO NEGRO Make the colouration rule Of, strong dark tea colour A blackwater river thus And within this unique river At least 600 plus Fish aome big aome … Continue reading

Whose nuts them or us best ask GAIA

The West takes unbelievable liberties With those indigenous peoples around the world With commodities Who knows the extent the vile intention Of profit and how its made Taking advantage of people Whose abilities are laid Out their worth is little … Continue reading

What are we doing?

Cities where ants scurry this way And that Where vehicular poisons are where We are at Where once the sound sod and the life force We saw Was concreted over and yes some more Did we live in a cave … Continue reading

Intelligible to them

They had developed clarity For living on the land Gave them the exposure Which helped them understand They had that visible evidence The horizon they could see It all was recognizable Eye-catching strikingly And they possessed true intellect Reasoning power … Continue reading

Democratic republic of the CONGO

POverty and impoverishment Creates in man a need To suffer with his family They are owned and robbed indeed Underfed and down at heel Unable to pay ones way So drawn into great dangers Just hopeful they can pay In … Continue reading

STanding Rock

State Troopers Robocops and more Its not IRAQ NO its not war! Its Standing Rock The DAPL crowd And the water protectors Are overpowered By the military vehicles The burnjng tipi’s Really tough cops Not there to please Thirty or … Continue reading