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Who is more detached the tourists or the swiftlets

Since time immemorial by thrusting design The sea bed rose skywards its pleasure to dine Such a momentum of seasonal rain matched by the spirit With so much to gain Lime sent a’sunder in massive tall casts Sheer do you … Continue reading

Dr Gian Choo Hoo to some

CITES has this man on board In defence of who Animals is that his role If so what does he do He welcomes the shark finning And deals in crocodiles This must be an embarrassment That altogether riles Those who … Continue reading

The Robin Hood Army

The Robin Hood army Fighting wastage they Came up with a great idea Where volunteers each day Give their time and energy Give their love and care It’s an enlightening prospect To recycle and to share The waste from local … Continue reading

The Blenheim Orange and the wild delicious

The BlenheIm Orange Curls and appears Stronger and able Than in previous years A very big family Of apples on show I must give them support If they now are to grow The Blenheims a giant A half a kilo … Continue reading

Black Berry

Each juicy pillowed berry Sits atop the thorny ground Part of the ebb of August The brambles rambling sound A sweetness and a tartness An excitement now all through Clinging to that old brick wall Like all wild berries do … Continue reading

The dead flesh of life

To eat the dead flesh of a living being Is to revert ones soul to the bleeding rush of time The dead flesh trade is killing for the sake of it And from the devilish pit each day they climb … Continue reading

Whats in my fridge

Whats in our fridge From Heather and Jenny Lots of vegan goodies Seasonal fayre Lentils and cashews Quinoa light and high In protein from up in the mountains Thats why The light is so vivid The Andes so high With … Continue reading

Mind you!

I point my sweet Advice at you Those who gave up flesh All through their lives till then may be They were a sick depository And then it dawned on them that they Would try to use another way They … Continue reading

Fruits of the forest

Mushrooms have some value As medicines for they Are wild and in their wildness Nutritionally they say The forest does hold secrets Old plum trees shield them, they The reishi has longevity And they can save the day The ancients … Continue reading

Arsenic and chicken

how many real people Now Have to be Threatened with what is adversity With toxins,and poisons Yes Maybe you Don’t know them Can’t see them Whatever they do You don’t know their names Or, how they tick So what does … Continue reading