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Pacari Rose

High altitudes More daylight Fresh crisp clean pure air Pinchinchi province Grows the roses Long stemmed And to share Those exquisite aromas Redolent all through In a bar of chocolate Its like a dream come true And all the way … Continue reading


Take a Magical carpet ride Into an oblivion where dreams Transport you to another world With hors-d-oeuvres and where it seems Dressings wholly flavourful Conjure such delight Coupled with toasted Sour dough bread And the thrill Of an Arabian Night … Continue reading

Scottish salmon STINKS

The stench of farming arrogance Drifts across the sky Farmers in the Aqua business Let too many die They are arrogant beyond their means And ignorant as well Its all about the balance sheet And really how the hell They … Continue reading

The question of zoophilia and non consent

I am not content With no consent And animals appear To have the very thin End of the wedge And to this end I am Clear We need to look at Human beings And animals and say There are many … Continue reading


feeding chickens a new idea bucket fulls or so I hear Of writhing maggots Black Soldier flies eating machines Insatiable guys Guzzling gorging gluttonizing fear Stinking creepy crawlies Lips a licking Do you hear? With a gluttony and greediness to … Continue reading

Franken chickens

Baseless groundless without foundation Almost fictitious in a way Unconceived and unimagined In the finsl stages of decay Insubstantiality Not a whit or jot can we Talk about in real terms Just shallowness and vacuity Meaningless and characterless No relstion … Continue reading

Almond and Rice and animal milks

Milk apparently can only come from cows Or coconuts Goats perhaps and even sheep And camels possibly But now the vegan drinks have surfaced Out of grains and nuts and beans Coming to the forefront Its amazing what machines Are … Continue reading

One a day

Pesticide Action Network Has made it very clear Pesticides in the schoolfruit and veg scheme There is some fear The initiative may be failing In this regard maybe To give the better nutrition From those grown organically And for just … Continue reading


Pringles, kellogs makes them Proctor and Gamble, they Thought they had a great idea Potatoes all the way GM corn Rice and spuds Grind them up and see Add a million chemicals And fry it all and be Adding crazy … Continue reading

Who is more detached the tourists or the swiftlets

Since time immemorial by thrusting design The sea bed rose skywards its pleasure to dine Such a momentum of seasonal rain matched by the spirit With so much to gain Lime sent a’sunder in massive tall casts Sheer do you … Continue reading

Dr Gian Choo Hoo to some

CITES has this man on board In defence of who Animals is that his role If so what does he do He welcomes the shark finning And deals in crocodiles This must be an embarrassment That altogether riles Those who … Continue reading

The Robin Hood Army

The Robin Hood army Fighting wastage they Came up with a great idea Where volunteers each day Give their time and energy Give their love and care It’s an enlightening prospect To recycle and to share The waste from local … Continue reading

The Blenheim Orange and the wild delicious

The BlenheIm Orange Curls and appears Stronger and able Than in previous years A very big family Of apples on show I must give them support If they now are to grow The Blenheims a giant A half a kilo … Continue reading

Black Berry

Each juicy pillowed berry Sits atop the thorny ground Part of the ebb of August The brambles rambling sound A sweetness and a tartness An excitement now all through Clinging to that old brick wall Like all wild berries do … Continue reading

The dead flesh of life

To eat the dead flesh of a living being Is to revert ones soul to the bleeding rush of time The dead flesh trade is killing for the sake of it And from the devilish pit each day they climb … Continue reading

Whats in my fridge

Whats in our fridge From Heather and Jenny Lots of vegan goodies Seasonal fayre Lentils and cashews Quinoa light and high In protein from up in the mountains Thats why The light is so vivid The Andes so high With … Continue reading

Mind you!

I point my sweet Advice at you Those who gave up flesh All through their lives till then may be They were a sick depository And then it dawned on them that they Would try to use another way They … Continue reading

Fruits of the forest

Mushrooms have some value As medicines for they Are wild and in their wildness Nutritionally they say The forest does hold secrets Old plum trees shield them, they The reishi has longevity And they can save the day The ancients … Continue reading

Arsenic and chicken

how many real people Now Have to be Threatened with what is adversity With toxins,and poisons Yes Maybe you Don’t know them Can’t see them Whatever they do You don’t know their names Or, how they tick So what does … Continue reading

In a Supermarket in Florence

It is slow suffocation And why has that to be the way To me it’s inconceivable That anyone would pay On promotion is it really How callous and insensate Whoever packed them for display How comes they couldn’t wait These … Continue reading

Bolivia and their rebuke of Mc Donalds

The indigenous people have knowledge and power They sense what is good and generally how To maintain their lifestyle with seasonal food They take time and effort and try to include Local herbs organic produce for they Know what is … Continue reading


Imagine some people smoke fags and have chinese drink cold coca cola and wonder why they are anxious and nevous have migraines and cramps are sick to their stomach with pain’s day on day if only they gave up the … Continue reading

Carley’s seed and nuts butters

Try some organic Carley’s hemp seed butter buy some organic celery and dip the sweetness of the celery and the great taste of the hemp seed I have to tell you it will make you flip its made in Cornwall … Continue reading

Poisoning food is sinful to the extreme

To poison food the soul must ask oneself why what was the point of that that some may get sick and die whether man does it to animals or laces the food some eat its cruel its totally inhumane and … Continue reading

Farm subsidies and nutrition ( any correlation) advertising revenue and nutrition any correlation

Agricultural Subsidies from congress reach new highs and go towards the unhealthy products we best realise that’s what the corporate processors are turning into here heavily processed full of fat and sugar fear not says the corn operatives we will … Continue reading

Organic Berries (not all they were cracked up to be)

In Harris Teeter and Costco stores organic berries from Townsend Farms apparently grown on US soil approved by USDA and all its charms but as it turned out it was not so the berries were imported and now we know … Continue reading

Sharks Fins ( soup) a gelatinous chicken stock based bowl of soup prized by some

It really makes a nonsense Of the wild sharks that abound The Chinese have to realize There’s less and less around Primarily because of their Use in Sharks Fin Soup Sharks are being penalised Every single group Slaughtered,thus providing Their … Continue reading

Shark Finning a very cruel way of sourcing parts for soup

Perfectly designed, over millions of years yes they Glide effortlessly through the water on any given day They do possess a problem or so it does appear Their fins are made of cartilage which when cooked does remain clear And … Continue reading

Chemicalization of food supply

Food and the Universe is listening and doing something positive to help the planet Continue reading

Wild Foods are good for vegans

Wild foraged or home produced in your yard or garden away from where dogs are walked can supplement a vegan diet at no extra can read up locally in your libraries or go on line and see what is available through the seasons, and the more time you spend in your own garden the more the Universe comes to your aid with wild plants designed for your particular needs.
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