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American Forests

American forests Cathedrals of soul Verdent resplendant Each takes on its role To a timeless permanence The bloom of the now These long standing sentinels Showing us how With their myriad web forms Their communication Beneath the litter We find … Continue reading

What goes on in one’s head

Perceptivity and awareness The aestetics of a cause The sensation and impression Its bound to make one pause Being sentient and sensitive To pain and tenderness To wake up to one’s senses And try hard not to stress There is … Continue reading

SAtish Kumar and DARTMOOR

From Rajastan Satish came forth in search Of greener climes The thought of death And regaining breath Through the seasons and the times The books he had read of England And its green and pleasant land Of course became a … Continue reading


A being has been created As valuable as any A miracle has happened Of course we see so many The bedrock of existence Immortal for a while Phenomenal in so many ways A number and a file In some corporate … Continue reading

I gaze into an open sky

I juggle words For words far flung And near Create a world for me Of wonderment Where I can see Volumes of poetry Old and new Littering shelves You know thats true Many a worm from long ago Got drunk … Continue reading

ALexandra Waterfalls and the water of life

The rich world of Nature Explicitly shows The physical substance That just grows and grows The realization the embodiment see It activates and plunges so violently Creating a spectacle Great sheets of ice Canada’s tundra Seen in a trice Melt … Continue reading


Emotional What makes me so emotional Its so easy to cry For tears to fall My olfactory Creation has become A damnation Its now very embarrassing for all I can smell stuff on fhe telephone And smell stuff on TV … Continue reading

My father

that coat was thick and heavy He oiled it, I recall And it was always on the brass hook Hanging in the hall He wore it in the forest Which he took me to each day One particular spot he … Continue reading

Love knows no bounds

A bleak and frosty Railway track A bitch and a dog in pain The bitch is clearly injured And can’t move And its insane By anybody’s standard But her friend he stays there too To comfort her And to love … Continue reading

A story around the food of love

The food of love Can be a contentious issue Dependent on the lovers On their true Philosophy and purpose Their interest and affiliation Really It Boils down to who will do The dirty on the other And how the adoration … Continue reading