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It happened in Salisbury

Its easy to lead Those who would rather not know The ways of the mind Moved by the flow Of negative consequence And nullified thought And Unfounded stories Unbegotten and caught Up in the melee of extinct ways To find … Continue reading


Films and their endings Leave so much to those Who follow the story line And watch as it grows And Then its all over which leaves us to feel It was just a brief bite Of a cherry for real … Continue reading


A single minded commitment to the People of the land An unwavering tenacity That all could understand The privilege of being the alignment of the true To have the manoeuvrability And the leverage to pursue The heartfelt and emancipated women … Continue reading

question their wisdom

The troughs now depicted all over the sky From jets and now drones that all like to fly Those pilots so senseless clearly they know why They evacuate poisons down on us from high Onto their families their very own … Continue reading

tetra cops

whose essential we are essential the grounded ones the law kitted out in riot gear we all know what thats for to just take on the public the scare de cats who might panic in the moment and all try … Continue reading

The supposed moon landing

The conflict of thought The arrogance sought It’s the failure of soul And the will to control To inflict on us all Really to overhaul Our emotions in thinking Science did call A tune if you like Call us out … Continue reading


The EU and the US tried by stealth To run us down Brought this so called TTIP In red tape we shall drown The crap about a boost to all economies Is all pie in the sky And pigeons coming … Continue reading

Weather modification special request to the so called military pilots

Weather modification Let’s celebrate with the gods The ignorant weather wizards Just a bunch of sods Dedicated to earning A salary to break The poverty of all pensioners For everybody’s sake GEO engineering the new kid on the block Children … Continue reading


William Cooper met his maker In a hail of fire What became of his pale horse It bolted in that dire Reason for his haunting His daughter Dorothy Was told that William Loved her And he did so avidly.


Its all intimidation The pep talks that they get The tetra packs They can’t relax Their hours are clearly set The influence of WIFI And microwaves create A smoking gun of resentment How to delineate Spreading chaos through their being … Continue reading