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Happy Yule and beyond

To everyone who knows me A gift of loving care Its been a stressful 12 months In this world that we all share It truly is a stubborn fact That what is going on Is governments are weak as hell … Continue reading

Mirror in the drawer

It won’t be long Though I still feel strong That my eyes will close for good My pain is getting worse and worse And I feel misunderstood When lying down with no weight on my legs I honestly still cant … Continue reading

The shelter where death was the gift for christmas

The American dream at Christmas An atrocity we hear A shelter in Texas A safe place for animals All of them murdered In heightened fear Man calls himself kind In his so called books He is an insolent beast With … Continue reading


Out of chaos and disorder A motley mosaic, we Mass produced in monotone And base monotony In Bethlehem Tear gas canisters And, flash grenade shells Become transformed quite Laterally Tinsel town and bells From an ugly war torn perspective In … Continue reading

Being alone at Christmas

A Christmas hat a park bench hunched over with the cold the frost plays havoc with one’s feet no matter now how old the clothes when wet are uncomfortable they get frozen on you quick and with no one around … Continue reading

Yuletide celebrations

Yuletide celebrations holly and mistletoe out there in the forests is somebody we know Monosyllabic certainly Mono satan too watch out for orange canisters falling from the blue and those tinkering with nature we must be on our guard the … Continue reading

Bird song a little tale for Christmas for my friends

a love story with a happy ending a tale for Christmas for my friends all over the world Continue reading

Christmas and HIV

A bowl of mush and HIV and really what its done for me Continue reading

A Christmas Story

The alternative Christmas Story Continue reading

Go out and be a Christmas angel

Christmas mean’t that Dad went to the attic A Dusty box of decor he brought down Ancient silver papered chocolate snowmen And lantern lights, an angel, and a clown

A message from Father Christmas

Its Christmas Eve And I can hardly breeve I been on the job all night Delivering presents big and small Around the skies all white

A Turkey’s Lament

Once I was proud I stood out in the crowd With my great crimson comb And my feathers of black

A Christmas Tree

The Christmas Tree looked happy This morning growing in the snow Then some bloke came over Pulled me up and hurt me so

By the fireside with my mother

How many of you, remember the fireside A place to toast the bread, and chestnuts too Warm your cold legs up a bit, and warm your hands And do what all good families liked to do