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Morning Noon and Night

I cry out in my spirit With my heart and with my soul RHIANNON can you share my pain I need you, to console Me, help me, to get through it Maybe take me to your place Where i can … Continue reading


Evolution was built up By love for each other Instinctive programming Built in to try A realization and respect For all beings The philosophy of existence Well grounded and high We should coexist and endure One another Share whats on … Continue reading


FArm animals have no rights To life and sanity They are born to die Born to cry And its our inhumanity Its calamitous behaviour Divisible ofcourse Almost 10 million pigs are slaughtered Thats a lot of apple sauce! 15 million … Continue reading


A philosopher who took it upon himself As many do To think about the rights that animals Have and it was his view As a professor he had found It was the path to be on For him the very … Continue reading

Skin and bone and they die alone

To look after animals really Requires a heart and soul Look at the folk in sanctuaries And then those who control A fur farm lne in Wisconsin Mink and fox all caged In what is really filth and gore With … Continue reading


Rodeo is a Spanish Concept Which influenced the US their Stock Farms were required by law From 1851 to share A rodeo of sorts within the limits Of their place It was William F Cody himself Who in North platte … Continue reading


Animatronics was one way Of filming in the wild Getting the best pictures Close ups kind of dialled Into the situation Right up in their face Getting the clearest pictures The best around the place But actually the extras Were … Continue reading

Wild fox

Look at me I am what I am A wild soul of the field Created as you all were On this earth to wield My blessed life before you And a family hopefully Up against the hunters And the terriermen … Continue reading

SAtish Kumar and DARTMOOR

From Rajastan Satish came forth in search Of greener climes The thought of death And regaining breath Through the seasons and the times The books he had read of England And its green and pleasant land Of course became a … Continue reading


How can living creatures Be subjected to Unfounded and groundless reasoning As wolves now seem to do One breath says they ought to be All Blown up with dynamite When they are an integral part of nature And their place … Continue reading